Top 5 SCARY Videos That Will Make You SWEAT

by johnsmith

The top five scary videos number five in the closet this clip could be fake but i thought i’d include it as it is pretty creepy A man gets woken up by a creepy moaning noise coming from inside his closet is he checking inside the closet for where the sound came from nothing out of the ordinary can be found then a creepy whisper can be heard the man shaken and frightened pans his camera to a coat

Which is when a hand disappears up the sleeve number four demon attack this next clip was submitted to youtube over 10 years ago and what follows is what appears to be a real demon attack captured on camera take a look [Applause] [Applause] Oh number three behind you in this video a group of friends having fun somewhere in japan decide to create a tick tock style video when something absolutely horrifying is caught on their camera A creepy dark figure which looks like a girl with long hair can be seen sitting down behind two of the friends but when he was past the camera she has somehow mysteriously disappeared number two reflection a computer company in singapore received a number of complaints from staff members complaining about network issues and

That they’ve been hearing strange loud noises coming from inside the company’s computer server room the company decided to set up cctv cameras inside the server room to try and capture the culprit who may be causing these issues for the company’s staff members and what they managed to capture on camera

Is rather shocking watch closely [Applause] So [Applause] so Noises can be heard coming from inside the server room then a door handle is violently moved the door then opens and slams shut a set of cares appear to fly off the table and then the laptop screen shuts on his own with what appears to be the reflection of a face

In it then the shadow can be seen quickly moving off camera and then an object seems to get knocked off the wall crashing to the floor the laptop screen opens by itself with what is clearly a pale face with long dark hair in the reflection but when a worker enters the room

The face creepily disappears some interference occurs with the camera and then what appears to be a ghostly figure can be seen at the bottom of the screen the camera that moves and the outline of a woman’s face can be seen just staring into the camera the computer company claims his footage is 100

Real but i’ll leave it up to you guys to decide number one peek-a-boo tick-tock user james fitzpatrick 18 uploads videos of poltergeist activity to his tik-tok page in this particular clip jojo calls his wife sitting on a chair with their dog staring curiously into a bedroom in the background and

What happens next is incredibly disturbing watch closely hey everyone um a couple weeks ago i was playing a prank on my wife uh i took a video of it um this weekend it was pointed out to me that in the background uh something peers out from our daughter’s room i guess is looking

Into the hallway i did have to cut the video short for time to put on here my wife and i were the only ones in the house at the time our daughter was at my parents house for the day so yeah here it is what looks like the head of some sort of

Shadow figure can be seen peeking at them from behind the door and then quickly darts away but what’s really disturbing is that it has no facial features or hair now james states his video is 100 real and that he and his wife were the only ones at home that day

So what do you think is james fitzpatrick’s home haunted by a shadow figure or poltergeist or is it all just fake let me know what you think down in the comments thanks for watching and if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel it’ll really

Help me out and if you want to watch the full videos of any of these clips i’ll leave links to them down in the description see you in the next video you

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