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Five ouija board videos that went wrong number five zozo ouija board expert darren evans warned people on the internet about the dangers of summoning the ouija board demon zozo if you get on a ouija board and zozo comes you need to leave it alone you need to cease communication with this thing you

Need to close the session properly and get rid of the board quote i’m not playing this is nothing to mess with i get hundreds of emails through my website uh from people that have become terrified they experience paranormal phenomena and folks let me tell you

The zozo phenomenon is real now a lot of you may have heard of zozo but for those of you that haven’t allow me to explain zozo is an incredibly evil and powerful demon entity known to stalk people through ouija boards his interactions with players can seem friendly at first

But then quickly grow malicious and evil it’s believed that if you say his name out loud you can potentially summon this mysterious demon from the depths of hell in this video tim from the youtube channel live sci-fi ignored all the warnings and went ahead and tried to summon zozo Is there something here with me right now If so move the play chat oh Z oz uh do you uh uh after some time tim takes a break to leave the room with the evp still recording but when he returns the creepy voice on the recording tells tim that it is inside the doll followed by horrifying demonic screams take a look [Applause] i feel weird

I am in the doll number four devil youtube user bill’s channel was sent a video by two girls liv and maddie who claim the footage is 100 real in the video footage liv and maddie decide to record themselves playing around with a ouija board when something very strange started to happen

When one of the girls asked the spirit for its name it reacts by moving the planchette around the board spelling out the letters d e v and i at this point the girls let go of the planchet only for it to move on its own

Okay we are going to play this let me go turn the lights off okay um all right wilder comes little bro come shoot this turned on the night vision fairy game because i mean it’s not scary that’s what we do spirits will talk to you

Wow okay all right so what do you do um spirits are you there oh are you doing that why is it moving it’s it’s not me then what is it experience i guess what yes wait is that yes to the question i mean i’m not the spirits no okay uh

Can i ask you a question yeah okay what is your name are you moving it no i’m not are you kidding me it’s not me i’ve never even played this game d d what does that stand for d why is it moving this much okay addy you’re obviously proving this

I am not e well i’m not moving it are you sure it’s not you promise v oh my god adi are you this is you the girls swear this video is real but what do you think number three dead ed in this video youtuber and his two friends decide to set up a

Ouija board inside their apartment while playing with the ouija board they asked the spirit a bunch of questions to which the letter is e and d are spelt out at one point the planchette even moved completely off the board onto the table something i have never seen happen before all right you

Ready okay uh ed um that’s a nice name i knew i’ve met a couple beds ed uh i don’t know what to ask him you guys okay i got one go ahead this is if this is real let’s do it good dude okay good are you haunting us

Why would you ask that question wait what’s it doing oh that was that was a load okay what do you want ed i guess to say you you you oh my god no no no no no no no no no no no okay come here all right wait

Come on all right what do you what do you want from us this is that’s it what do you dude he just asked me he said he wants me melvin right no it was you it was me yeah oh my god dude come on wait i’m coming though all right what is

That what do you want with roy what do you want with me That moves so fast yeah d yo dude you want d no what is this oh my god it’s off the table what’s happening what’s happening Towards the end of the video the demon is asked if they had made it mad to which the demon replies by moving the planchette to yes then they ask what the demon wants to do with them and it doesn’t go well take a look

Do i why why do you want me do i annoy you do i have did i make you mad or what oh sorry yes uh so i oh my gosh so what do you want me to do um what do you want me to do ed what’s going on d what’s d

D d come on you’ve already did the d why is it turning so much a dude d e a come on what’s that spell d a i don’t like that the fourth letter is the fourth center yo yo no no i’m done okay i’m done

I’m done did you know he was trying to spell oh you’re the fire the fire just burning i’m done yo cut it cut it turn the lights yeah we got it we have to end this we end it end it i must mention roy wasabi he’s also

A pretty big youtuber so i don’t know if this one is real but what do you think number two down in the basement youtuber an everyday canadian and his wife decided to set up a camera in the basement of their house and record themselves playing with a ouija board

They start out the video by detailing the rules of the ouija board game to their viewers and i thought i’d include this clip for those of you unfamiliar with the rules of the game any of you guys don’t know what a ouija board is it’s a board that summons spirits um

But it’s funny because um it’s ages eight and up um you play with two to four players i’ll show you guys um what it looks like inside this has never been opened let me read the rules sure okay so there are some rules uh you never use the ouija board

If you think it’s just a game because it’s not supposedly never use the ouija board alone always have two players number one never use the ouija board in a cemetery that’s probably gonna be another video we’re gonna do never leave the planchette which is this on the ouija

Board when you are aren’t using it so don’t just leave it on the board i never forget to say goodbye to the ouija board spirit okay to the ouija spirit so when you’re done um trying to mess with it if it doesn’t work even if it doesn’t work

Always make sure you say goodbye stating that they have heard strange noises coming from their basement they decided to set up some cameras light some candles and play with the board down there once the recording starts scott mentions that they’re aware of the distortion and the low quality footage being recorded but

I have no idea why and that only happens when recording down in the basement okay um let’s sit down we’re going to play this game way to peep off like that i don’t know the camera’s been acting weird i don’t know ever since we came down here it started beeping funny so

Let’s just play this also say that be like ever since we started setting the board up well yeah guys um ever since we started in the basement the camera’s acting funny it’s weird i don’t know what it is i at the battery’s full um there’s a new recording chip in it it’s

All good so let’s just play this i’m actually really hot right now so uh so first thing we got to do is put our fingers on the circle the board twice so there’s two players one two so uh you want to ask the first question um are you a girl whoa

My hands are like not even touching it i’m so loose fingers right now they ask a series of questions until they both mention their chest feel heavy and that’s when things get really weird take a look my chest feels heavy chest feels heavy yeah yeah my back is starting to feel

Like cramped up like i almost got like a pinched in the back can we check it i’m gonna go for a minute yeah because it’s um it’s really starting to hurt like i got a lot of pressure in my back like you’ve got the light okay it’s hot

Like i’m really sweaty oh my god yeah what’s wrong holy [ __ ] scott oh my god that’s huge there’s a huge scratch down your back is there because oh my god like guys i’m serious like i’m going to show you my hand beside it i didn’t even know about it

No like look this is my hand okay the scratch starts here goes all the way down to here it’s just burning right now i’m sweating like it’s like 100 degrees down here oh my god that’s like poofed out too well we have to say goodbye we have to finish this

Up so just put your hands back on i don’t i don’t want to play anymore well you guys see something okay just ask another question okay i’m scared well we have to finish this game okay um just uh just think of something to say real quick um

I don’t know what to ask and i’m scared like after seeing your back like that i don’t want to play anymore why your nose is bleeding it’s not bleeding it’s bleeding let me get the light hold on okay maybe we should stop look at me hold this near your face

Oh i can see can you see yeah it’s bleeding we should stop right there look at me yeah your nose is bleeding yeah okay well let’s just say goodbye we’re done because it’s dripping all down me okay let me face the camera back at the board okay hurry up

Let’s go up trying because i’m about to get sick okay i’m done i’m not cleaning before we move on to number one we’d appreciate it if you smash that like button subscribe to our channel and hit that bell icon to be notified when we release a new video number one

Don’t touch the glass this next clip by a youtube uploader mellow bird has been viewed over a million times mellow bird claims his house is haunted by a malicious poltergeist and has uploaded several video footage of paranormal happenings occurring inside his house in this particular video mello bear chooses

To use a ouija board in an attempt to try and communicate with the demon instead of using a planchette that regular players use he chooses to use a glass instead as he hovers his hand over the glass to begin the game the glass shatters into pieces take a look

Hey guys um happy halloween um we’re gonna try this again didn’t work out too well last night um i hope you like this song if you didn’t see what happened last time is i’ll annotate to fire up this one two i didn’t sway Um i don’t know i’m gonna i’m tempted to run out the garden i really can’t do anything with that anyway that was not the end of it struggling to get his bearings and rattled after the demon had shuttled the glass more bizarre things occur behind him until melabird becomes

Too scared that he just decides to get the hell out of there the power of christ compels you Um The these were five ouija board games that went wrong don’t forget to like comment and subscribe for more interesting videos and if you feel like it tell us if you would play the game as well You

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