Top 5 SCARY Ghost Videos That Will TERRIFY YOU

by johnsmith

The top five scary videos number five it sees you spanish youtuber eric gunner uploads exploration videos of creepy abandoned places to his youtube channel in this particular video which is unfortunately low quality eric explores an abandoned building that is known to harbor paranormal activity take a look oh my god

Entering alone into the eerie abandoned building eric heads upstairs where a voice of a woman can be briefly heard then while eric is looking down a hallway he spots something or someone peeking out at him from one of the rooms at the bottom of the hallway and it absolutely terrifies him

Horrified by what you’ve just seen every ducks away in fear but when he looks back nothing is there and when he goes to investigate the room there’s no one inside creepy number four reflection tick-tock user eliza nash one uploaded a video to tick tock of what appears to be

A demon caught on camera the video starts out with a list of filming inside her work area when something strange happens watch closely so oh a disturbance happens inside one of the rooms and one of the employees goes to check he picks up something off the floor and

Turns the light off but as he’s leaving the door slams shut and then a chair slides across the floor startling the employee lights flicker from inside the room from where the dodgers slam shut and then the door mysteriously opens all on his own with what appears to be the

Reflection of something or someone in it just staring at them the door then slams shut again all on its own and the video is cut there so what do you guys think did tick tock user eliza nash catch a demon on camera or is it all just fake let me know your thoughts

Down in the comments number three in the attic this clip was uploaded some time ago a couple of noises coming from their attic and decide to investigate and what they managed to capture on camera is incredibly creepy take a look As the man is climbing down from the ladder a horrifying face eerily peeks out looking down at them from the top of the ladder steps the couple were completely unaware of this at the time of recording but when they played the footage back they were absolutely horrified that something was

In their attic making those noises the whole time creepy number two have you ever now in this next clip which is obviously fake a woman experiences something called sleep paralysis i haven’t ever experienced anything like this but having read the comments posted on this video i realize it is more common than

We might expect now even though this clip is fake i thought i’d add it to this video as it is pretty creepy and i can’t imagine what it’d be like to go through something like this watch closely have you ever experienced sleep paralysis if you have please let me know your

Story down in the comments number one there’s something in your apartment tick-tock user danny f donahoe uploads paranormal footage for something that haunts his apartment now i featured a couple of danny’s videos before where he managed to capture terrifying activity on camera and well this time danny manages to

Capture it again and this time it gets worse take a look so Hearing noises coming from his bathroom danny decides to investigate upon entering his bathroom nothing seems out of the ordinary he hears a loud knocking sound coming from high up on the wall but nothing’s there he then hears something behind him and spins the camera around where a face of something absolutely terrifying disappears

As if that wasn’t scary enough danny captures more footage on camera and if you thought that clip was scary well this one’s even more horrifying take a look again what’s going on threw a coat on the floor [ __ ] Did you see that danny and his girlfriend are woken by sounds coming from their closet and danny chooses to investigate as he reaches the closet he finds a coat on the floor and upon inspecting the closet here’s a creepy sound behind him he turns the camera around where the

Closet door then moves all by itself danny closes the doors but when he spins back to the closet door age is closed a horrifying demonic face can be seen and then disappears into the darkness of the closet now this could or be fake but as always

I’ll leave it up to you guys to decide thanks for watching and if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel it’ll really help me out and if you want to watch any of the full videos of any of these clips i’ll leave

The links to them down in the description i’ll see you in the next video You

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