Top 5 SCARY Ghost Videos That Will Leave Your JAW HANGING

by johnsmith

The top five scary videos number five the girl in the hallway uploaded to the internet a few years ago a man records his apartment documenting areas of where paranormal activity has occurred when he reaches the hallway he turns the light on and captures this on camera

Right so here we have the living room area so it’s quite small Kitchen hallway where most of the stuff happens or turned on i like the dark Mentioning most of the stuff happens in his hallway when he turns a light on the man doesn’t notice but the ghostly apparition of a girl in a white dress with long dark hair can be seen standing there in the hallway creepy number four the graveyard lurker youtube explorer franco tv uploads video

Footage of creepy places that most people wouldn’t dare to visit in this particular clip frank decides to go back and visit a graveyard he had visited before and what he manages to capture on camera is pretty creepy watch closely this is the creepy area that always terrifies me

Just because of how big it is in a narrow road or sidewalk and then it’s got like these uh these flowers here which in the daytime look nice but at night it’s terrifying holy [ __ ] i got something i got something creepy frank captures a strange mist moving in

Front of him as if it’s the spirit of a person walking around the graveyard creepily and decides to follow it when frank turns the corner the creepy moving mist can be seen a second time moving near the wall area so what do you think did franco tv

Capture the spirit of a person or is it fake as always it’s your call number three blink and you’ll miss it this next scary video clip was uploaded to tick tock by lindsay burke aka la la loves locks at first it just looks like any other ordinary tic toc singing video

But if you look closely lindsay manages to unintentionally capture something absolutely terrifying while filming this video for her tick tock account don’t blink A face of something peeks around the doorway behind lindsay while she is filming the face is dark no distinguishable facial features no eyes no nose no mouth nothing just what appears to be long dark hair and then it just starts away now lindsey burke claims his footage is 100 real and that

No one was home other than her and her mother who has short blond hair so what do you think is this clip real as always it’s your call number two the crazy patient this next clip is from the brazilian explorer’s youtube channel chamos where they investigate the deactivated

Hospital londrina de cetevido in cambay brazil the giant derelict hospital used to care for thousands of sick patients on a regular basis but has been abandoned and left to rot since 1997 at first the team doesn’t capture much until they decide to conduct a spirit box session in one of the hallways and

Well this happens watch closely with Is you Whatever is communicating with the team through the spirit box responds to them with crazy and that woman in white wants the place when the camera pans around a white face can be seen peeking at them and then disappears out of sight the team didn’t notice until reviewing the footage back number one

Nowhere is safe lee from the youtube channel really haunted uploads terrifying footage of his and his wife’s haunted home in this particular clip which has been shared before lee manages to capture something absolutely horrifying in his home take a look the camera starts adjusting focus and

What appears to be a black shadow slowly grows in size on the upstairs landing of lee’s home the camera just focused again and the shadow launches itself up into the attic knocking open the attic door i don’t know about you but for me this might be one of the most chilling clips

I’ve ever watched but what do you think is this real or fake as always it’s your call now as a follow-up to this clip i thought i’d include another scary clip from the channel really haunted which is sure to make you not sleep tonight enjoy uh So Oh He and his wife can be seen asleep in their bed then a shadow can be seen approaching the bed and then lee’s wife is violently pulled from her bed onto the floor by whatever terrifying entity is haunting their home thanks for watching and if you enjoyed

This video please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel it will really help me out and if you want to watch the full videos of any of these clips i’ll leave links to them down in the description i’ll see you in the next video You

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