Top 5 SCARY Ghost Videos That Only The Brave Can Watch

by johnsmith

The top five scary videos number five the witch of delray in the early 1900s a woman named rose perez immigrated from hungary to del rey in detroit michigan rose was born rosalia sebastian in hungary and after spending a good few years in detroit decided to open a boarding house

In 1931 a series of murders occurred at rose’s boarding house and police suspected rose and her son bill were the culprits of these crimes police found paperwork inside the boarding house that rose owned and they discovered she had been the mastermind behind a profitable life insurance scam paying the premiums

For guests at a boarding house who then mysteriously died and rose would then collect the payouts rose and her son protested their innocence but both were sent to prison and spent more than 15 years behind bars before finally being released the story of this murder became the

Infamous tale of the witch of del rey fast forward 2014 a police officer receives a call about disturbance at a house in delray detroit and what follows is rather creepy on the force you you learned to um to trust your gut to trust yourself uh and i was jeopardizing my my safety

When the police officer arrives at the scene he hears strange noises coming from a neighboring house he pans his camera up towards the property and what appears to be a ghostly face can be seen in one of the upstairs windows just staring at him now legend has it that this house was

Once the boarding house owned by rose perez so what do you think is this the spirit of rose perez the witch of delray or is it fake as always it’s your call number four the watcher this next clip was recorded by tick-tock user slam your eye or slammari

Slam your eye is in what looks like a kid’s playground and he finds three inverted crosses stuck in the ground next to the playground swings there’s three of them all upside down you know what nah man nah Not today not up in here like i don’t care who you are man Now research the meaning behind these symbols and found that inverted crosses are used by satanic worshippers to call upon satan or sometimes used as a signal of demonic activity and slamming right comes across three of these inverted crosses but it gets creepier eagle-eyed viewers spotted something else in the video

Did you see what they saw let me show you is even this there’s three all upside down slam your eye doesn’t notice at the time of recording but in the background of the video a dark figure creepily peeks out from behind a tent and watches him as he destroys the satanic symbols but

Is it something otherworldly in the depths of hell or just a person hanging around the kid’s playground as always it’s your call number three don’t turn around a group of japanese explorers are exploring an abandoned haunted house when they manage to capture something absolutely terrifying on camera at first nothing much really

Happens other than the odd creepy whisper but then this happens watch closely Right as the guy holding the camera spins around and points the camera at his friend he shines a light up to his friend’s face behind him just staring out from behind the doorway a horrifying ghoulish face can be seen creepy number two the girl behind the door

The next clip has been shared before but i thought i’d include it as it is one of those videos that livestream free in my head uploaded to the internet several years ago a man hears noises coming from one of the rooms of his home and decides to investigate

He opens the door to one of the rooms and what follows is absolutely terrifying take a look oh my god right outside the door [Applause] as the man opens the door to one of the rooms you can hear the sounds of a baby crying what appears to be a black

Shadowy figure of what looks like a child can be seen sat down at the back of the room the man sees it closes the door and walks away but turns around and opens the door again this time a vicious snarl is heard and the child like shadow shadowy figure is

Now standing up facing the door like it’s ready to attack the man quickly shuts the door and runs away petrified number one hide and seek in this clip which is probably scripted a father finds his young daughter ariana counting numbers while facing her bedroom wall the father asks ariana what

She’s doing and she replies with playing hide and seek the father asks with who ariana chillingly says with my friend mabel confused by this the father then suggests that they both play hide-and-seek together but what he doesn’t realize is it’s not just the two of them playing here’s a video

Ariana what are you doing oh i’m playing hide and seek who my friend mabel oh okay would you want to play hot seat with me sure okay i can play the real person so i’m gonna actually look for you and i’m gonna do all the counting okay all right

Okay and you’re gonna be the one hiding right okay ready i’m gonna count to ten one two three four five six what turn out the lights cheating there we go six seven eight nine ten here i go be in a good spot Where are you ariana could you be in the closet gotcha ariana ariana ariana ariana i see you right in the dresser What did mabel tell you where i was what let’s get out of here come here in case you missed it the father thinks he’s playing hide-and-seek with his daughter ariana but instead it’s actually mabel who is hiding around the house then when he opens the bedroom

Door a pair of glowing eyes can be seen in the corner of the room thanks for watching and if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel it’ll really help me out and if you want to watch the full videos

Of any of these clips i’ll leave links to them down in the description i’ll see you in the next video You

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