Top 5 SCARY Ghost Videos That Are Chilling

by johnsmith

The top five scary videos number five peek-a-boo  in this clip music celebrity cardi b is recording   a tick-tock live of a brand new home when she  unexpectedly captures something in the background   isn’t it beautiful i can’t believe it’s mine  it makes me happy it makes me really proud  

Like it’s like wow this is mine this is why i  bust my before i can’t even believe it’s mine   like you really live here so nice i haven’t been  here in a long time so every single time i’d be  

Here i’d be just so oh my gosh it’s my  house okay to be streaming live sharing   her appreciation for her new home the viewer  spotted something very creepy in the background   behind her but did you see what they saw let  me show you can’t even believe is mine like

What appears to be the outline of a pale ghostly  face can be seen peeking behind a wall behind   cardi b as she records live to her fans what  is it real or fake as always it’s your call  

Number four it’s alive this next clip was  uploaded to tiktok by the user alex xiao howard   and what follows is rather creepy take a look captured on a store’s cctv camera orbs can  be seen floating around which believers in  

The paranormal consider to be associated with  spirits then a prime mysteriously moves all by   itself across the floor and then the doll in the  pram horrifyingly sits up and moves its head as   if it’s possessed by something demonic now most  people think that only humans can be possessed  

But as time’s gone on paranormal experts have  shared their thoughts that in fact anything   with eyes whether they be glass plastic or  real can be used by demons to look through   so if you have any toys in your home with eyes  if i were you i’d throw them out right away  

Number three don’t camp in the woods at night a  group of japanese friends decided it would be a   good idea to go camping in the woods overnight  enjoying their time away from civilization the   group bed down for the night ready for the long  hike home the next day until one of the campers  

Starts hearing odd noises coming from somewhere  nearby in the dark woods the group decided to   investigate the source of the sounds and this  is what they caught on camera take a look that okay haha caught on camera by one of the group two  ghostly figures can be seen walking together  

Through the dark woods near to where  the group were camping for the night   but is it real or fake as always it’s your  call number two got your hat in this next clip   caught on camera on indoor cctv a young  boy can be seen playing on a games console  

When something mysterious and  creepy happens to him watch closely bob’s appeared to the right of the video behind  the boy before the boy’s hat is flung off which   causes him to flee in terror yelling for his  dad now i don’t know if this is real or fake  

But judging by the boy’s reaction in the video  i can’t help but think this might actually be   legit but as always i’ll leave it up to  you guys to decide number one the monster   under the bed this clip has been shared  before but it’s one that has me really baffled  

Tito user josh dean uploaded indoor cctv footage   of his daughter’s bedroom and something terrifying  happens to her while she’s watching tv take a look we’ve josh’s daughter peeks over her bed  her legs are either pulled off the bed  

Or she moves them i’m not sure on this  though as it’s not clear in the video but   what’s clear is that josh’s daughter gets up  out of her bed and when she goes to check under   it something appears to drag her under her  bed by her arms while this is happening she  

Can be heard crying for her mother to come and  save her creepy now again i don’t know if this   one’s real or fake but the fact that josh’s  daughter sounded so scared and crying mommy   while being dragged under her bed does make you  wonder the monsters really live under our beds

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