Top 4 SCARY Ghost Videos That Will SCARE You SILLY

by johnsmith

The top five scary videos coming up what was that oh [ __ ] Grandpa’s house the following video clips were uploaded to tick tock by the user alex calvo is haunted alex mentions he’s recently inherited his grandfather’s house who has sadly passed away one night while alex is relaxing he hears strange sounds coming from the other side of his disease

Grandpa’s home and what alex manages to capture on camera is rather creepy take a look okay i just heard a loud bang out here it’s the middle of the night sounded like it was coming from the kitchen hello holy [ __ ] oh hello somebody here somebody [ __ ] here what the [ __ ]

Okay so i just came out and saw this chair freaking slide by itself away from the table and when i look at what was out on the table or what i definitely did not put out here it is my great grandfather’s journal his old letters those keys i found

And a photo album that i had not even known was here this is looks like an old really old uh family photo album and then this is a picture of my grandmother um my great-grandfather’s daughter so i’m [ __ ] freaking out right now i don’t know what the hell is going on

Um i’m thinking maybe i shouldn’t have gone to that graveyard i don’t [ __ ] know hear sounds coming from the kitchen and then a chair mysteriously moves all by itself alice investigates the house but no one’s there when alex returns to the table he finds his great grandfather’s

Journal some letters some keys and an old photo album laid out on the table alex swears he didn’t put them there in fact he didn’t even know they were even in the house freaked out by this alex then cuts the video there however the activity in alex’s house gets even creepier

Watch closely okay i was just hearing some scary noises coming from the entrance and this just [ __ ] happened i’m out here in my living room again which is right by where that chair moved the other night and i don’t know there’s just been like scary [ __ ] going on around that

What was that oh [ __ ] oh no what the [ __ ] okay this [ __ ] is getting too [ __ ] up to believe okay uh leo great grandpa whatever i got the key oh [ __ ] i got the keys um i’m gonna try to find whatever they unlock i feel like that’s what you want me to do

Um stop scaring the [ __ ] out of me i’m gonna do this stop scaring the [ __ ] out of me relaxing in his living room alex says noises coming from where the chair moved in the previous video then a door creaks and a black shadowy figure can be seen peeking its head out

From behind the doorway alex charges at the shadow but strangely no one’s there now in this next clip we get to see a clearer image of whatever is haunting alex’s dead grandpa’s home watch closely so i just captured something else on tape um while i was actually taking the tape i did not

Notice it at all but you go ahead and take a look at it and tell me what you think okay i just heard a really loud noise coming up here from the same place where all the other stuff has been going on like something was dragging across the floor um

Turn on the lights like everybody says okay come on i know i heard something i don’t know see i don’t know i don’t [ __ ] know there’s nothing here turn on this light down here no i don’t [ __ ] know hearing noises coming from the kitchen again where all the other noises have

Been coming from alex rushes around his house frantically turning on all the lights but when he pans the camera past one of the doorways the pale white face of something or someone can be seen just staring creepily at alex now at the time of recording alex didn’t

Notice the face at all and he states that he only saw it when viewing his voyage back but what do you guys think did alex calvo capture a ghostly apparition haunting his dead grandpa’s house or is it all just fake let me know what you think down in the comments don’t look back

In this next clip which i couldn’t find the original upload a person is recording inside what looks like a school dining room when they managed to capture something rather creepy on camera take a look from what i can make out from this short video it looks like the person was

Fearing for their life and had been running from something as the person attempts to switch the lights on for the dark hallway in front of them they pan the camera down the hallway quickly and the coast looks clear then alive flickers from the other side of the

Dining room and then when they pan the camera back down the hallway the horrifying outline of a tall shadowy figure can be seen standing in the hallway at which point the person flees in terror the mandela effect if you’ve ever heard of the mandela effect you’ll know that the term was

First coined in 2009 by fiona broome when she built a website about this phenomenon room was at a conference talking with other people about the death of the south african president nelson mandela’s death in a south african prison in the 1980s everyone she talked to at the conference also believed this too

However nelson mandela did not die in the 1980s in a prison he actually passed away in 2013 shocked by the fact that such a large number of people could remember the same identical event in such detail as she did when it never actually happened broome decided to create her website to

Discuss the mandela effect and other similar incidents there are notable examples of the mandela effect such as henry viii eating a turkey leg and many people having a clear memory of this painting but no painting has ever existed the famous line in star wars where darth vader says

Luke i am your father is actually no i am your father most people will remember it being the luke line another one is mirror mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all but you might be shocked to learn that the line actually began with the phrase magic mirror on

The wall instead bizarre isn’t it well in this next clip uploaded to the internet the man is holding the famous berenstain bears book when something very odd happens watch closely so i had this book again it’s my nephew but i had this book in my closet from when they came over i

Wanted to give it back to them i plan on going out there to see them and i dug it out and i noticed that the berenstain had said berenstein in that room but i come out here into just the normal other part of the house and it says this so

So you know i’m not crazy i’m going to show you as i pass through this doorway what happens and it’s [ __ ] weird uh i don’t this creeps me out man i don’t even like to be in this room anymore but i sleep in here you look at that that [ __ ] is changing right

There anyway yes i i i just know as he passes through the doorway to one of the bedrooms in his home the letter a in the title of berenstain bears turns to e and vice versa as he steps in and out of the room creepy there’s been numerous reports of

This happening to people but the question is is this video real or fake as always it’s your call my pet demon this next clip has been shared before and is probably fake it’s very short and i have no clue who originally posted this video or how it came to surface but

From what i can make out is at the bottom this video has something that looks like a pet demon and well even though it’s most likely fake it’s still quite terrifying here’s the clip see i’m about there and work thanks for watching and if you enjoyed this video please click that like button

And subscribe to my channel it’ll really help me out and if you want to watch full videos of any of these clips i’ll leave links to them down in the description i’ll see you in the next video You

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