This Online Community Shares Adorable Pics Of Cats Before And After Adoption

by johnsmith

Pet owners share their heartwarming cat adoption stories with before and after pics on the subreddit titled, r/BeforeNAfterAdoption.

1. Its Been A Year

before after cats adoptionIlaria-condizionata

2. Took A Chance, And Decided To Rehabilitate This Boy Instead Of Letting Him Be Put Down. One Of The Best Decisions Of My Life


3. What A Foster Home Can Do For A Sick Cat…now Misza Is Enjoying His Cat Retirement After Being A Neglected Feral For 15 Years


4. Toby And Quinton Were Rescued Together And Adopted As A Bonded Pair. Toby Has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome And Quinton Was Toothless. They Became Brave And Happy . Quinton Passed Away Recently, I’m So Glad We Had Him For The Time We Did And He Passed Knowing We Would Keep His Best Friend Safe


5. 8 Years Ago Today The Triplets Were Born. From Bottle Feeding Every 3 Hours, To Beautiful Lazy Babies. Bob, Possum, And Arwyn Made Me The Crazy Cat Lady I Am Today

6. Before And After. What A Transformation!

before after cats adoptionRefractionismydad

7. Bones Had Some Issues With Ringworm When We First Found Him (~8 Weeks), But He’s All Better Now (2 Years)!

before after cats

8. A Local Vet Treated This Rescued Stray From A Bad Case Of Fungus/Ringworm Few Months Ago. Look At Her Now

before after cats adoption


9. Our Kitty Was Already An Adult In The Photo On The Left. A 6 Month Glow Up


10. My Mom Is A Realtor. She Went To Show An Empty House And Found That The Previous Owners Had Left Something Behind

before after cats adoptiondesertroserobin

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