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Heartwarming Friendship between a Dog and Cat – Henry and Baloo have a lot in common: they were both rescued and love hiking in picturesque locations. They have a massive following on social media thanks to the photos of their adventures.

Their pictures, taken during a hiking trip in the mountains of Colorado, USA, have captured the hearts of hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram.

Heartwarming Friendship between a Dog and Cat

Cynthia Bennett and Andre Sibilsky, the owners of Henry and Baloo, are still trying to come to terms with the fame of their two four-legged companions.

The couple, who had their backgrounds in New Hampshire and Texas, met in Boston and share a love for nature and dislike for city life. As they started hiking regularly, they decided to adopt a dog and expand their family.

Heartwarming Friendship between a Dog and Cat

The amazing pictures were taken during Henry and Baloo’s travels in the mountains of Colorado. This year, their lovely moments started to attract everyone’s attention.

The image of Baloo, the cat, always lying on the back of Henry, the dog, with his eyes half closed has melted viewers’ hearts. Comments from netizens under the pictures show how adorable they are together.

Cynthia and Andre are animal lovers who love to travel. They adopted Henry when they moved to Boston while Baloo was abandoned at birth and raised by a rescue camp.

Heartwarming Friendship between a Dog and Cat

Cynthia believed that this unusual friendship between dog and cat may have started from some “silly but cute” misunderstandings. She said: “I think Baloo thought Henry was his mother. For the first few months, Baloo was just attached to the dog. Henry also seemed to mistake Baloo for a dog like him, because he didn’t like to play with other cats before.”

Despite being strong and active, Henry takes care of Baloo, who is quite dependent on him. Although it is difficult to explain their bond, their friendship has grown stronger over time.

Their popularity on social media has not changed their lives or their friendship. They still go on walks along the riverbanks, sleep together, and enjoy sunsets.

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