The Silly Face Of A Chimpanzee When He Was Sleepy But Did Not Understand The Reason Why He Could Not Sleep Made Many People Excited.

by quan idol

Many people recently found themselves in stitches of laughter after a video of a chimpanzee went viral. The video showed the chimp exhibiting a silly, yet amusing facial expression when he was unable to fall asleep due to a very peculiar reason.

The chimp, who seemed to be in a deep slumber, was seen with a cute and confused expression on his face as he tried to figure out why he couldn’t fall asleep. His sleepy eyes and his confused facial expression was enough to make people smile and chuckle at his adorable attempts to get some rest.

The video, which was shared on social media, showed the chimp feeling frustrated and yet too exhausted to do anything about it. His silly face as he tried to comprehend why he couldn’t sleep, made many people excited and amused.


The video showed that the chimp was not able to sleep because he was trying to make himself comfortable by using a pillow, which was too small for his head. He was seen trying to fit his head onto the pillow, but it was too small for him and he was unable to get comfortable. This made him look confused and frustrated and yet too tired to do anything about it.

The hilarious video of the chimp’s struggles to fall asleep due to an unusual reason quickly went viral on the internet, with many social media users expressing their amusement at the silly face of the chimp as he tried to figure out why he couldn’t sleep.

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