We Just Saved a Sick Canine with a Woeful Look; it was so Distressing!

by Mr Cuti

The transformation of this poor dog, Dega, is truly remarkable. When a woman spotted him on her way to work, he was in such a dire state that he couldn’t even walk or eat. However, the woman didn’t abandon him, and instead contacted ONG Paraíso dos Focinhos, a local animal rescue organization.

The organization’s staff quickly arrived on the scene and took Dega to their care center. Upon examination, the medical staff found that Dega was severely dehydrated and undernourished. They immediately began treating him, infusing him with water and providing him with nourishment. They also did a biopsy and checked his blood to ensure the best treatment plan for him.

After just four days of care, Dega had gained four pounds and was able to walk normally on his own. In just one week, he was eating like a normal dog again. While he still couldn’t run and play freely like other dogs, he was healthy and looking much better.

The rescue organization named him Dega and documented his transformation in a video that shows the whole rescue process, from a sick dog to a healthy and happy one. In just three months, Dega was able to function normally and was unrecognizable from the emaciated and helpless dog he once was.

Dega’s story is a testament to the power of compassion and the importance of animal rescue organizations. Without the woman who spotted him and the dedicated staff at ONG Paraíso dos Focinhos, Dega’s fate would have been much different. Instead, he now has a chance at a happy and healthy life, thanks to the care and love he received.

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