The Miracle of Rescue: Witnessing the Unforgettable Moment a Puppy Cries Tears of Joy

by Mr Cuti

Hình ảnh những chú chó khóc khi được giải cứu trước khi bị biến thành thức ăn

Dog meat consumption is a controversial issue and is not accepted or legal in many countries. However, in some countries including China, South Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and some regions of Switzerland and Nigeria, it is consumed as a food source. In countries where dog meat is consumed, there is increasing opposition to this practice, with animal rights supporters striving to raise awareness of the cruelty and health risks associated with the dog meat industry.

Chú chó con đau khổ, rơi nước mắt và lo sợ cho tính mạng của mình.  Anh ta đã bị định mệnh kết thúc bằng một bát súp do chợ bán thịt, giống như rất nhiều người khác trước anh ta.  May mắn thay, các anh hùng của anh ấy đã đến đúng lúc để giải cứu anh ấy khỏi số phận này.  Trước đây, có tới 10.000 con chó bị giết ở châu Á, mặc dù con số đó đã giảm xuống còn khoảng 1.000 trong những năm gần đây.  Tuy nhiên, đối với những người ở thế giới phương Tây coi chó là người bạn đồng hành trung thành của mình, cảnh tượng những con chó bị nhốt trong lồng chờ trở thành bữa ăn của ai đó thật khó chịu đựng được.  Con chó con đã khóc những giọt nước mắt vừa đau đớn vừa nhẹ nhõm, biết ơn vì cơ hội mới được tìm thấy trong cuộc sống.

Today, we will see touching photos of rescued dogs before they are turned into food.

A suffering puppy sheds tears and fears for its life. His fate was to end up in a bowl of soup from a meat market, just like many others before him. Luckily, his heroes arrived just in time to rescue him from this fate.

Hình ảnh chó khóc khi được giải cứu trước khi bị biến thành thức ăn 2 phút

In the past, up to 10,000 dogs were killed in Asia, although this number has dropped to about 1,000 in recent years. However, for people in the Western world who see dogs as their loyal companions, the sight of dogs locked up waiting to become someone’s meal is hard to bear.

Hình ảnh chó khóc khi được giải cứu trước khi bị biến thành thức ăn 3 phút

The puppy cried tears of pain and relief, grateful for the opportunity to be found and given a new chance at life.

Robin was among 50 dogs rescued from an inhumane animal slaughterhouse, where they were locked up in filthy cages and reserved for slaughter and commercialization of their meat for human consumption. Thanks to the efforts of volunteers from the International Humane Society, who filed a lawsuit and intervened in the slaughterhouse in Yongin city, South Korea, Robin and other dogs were rescued from their terrible fate.

Hình ảnh chó khóc khi được giải cứu trước khi bị biến thành thức ăn 4 phút

The cooperation efforts of local animal rights groups helped successfully extract Robin from this gruesome location. Unfortunately, despite many limitations, laws, and awareness-raising campaigns, many traders still engage in this cruel activity to gain financial profits.

Hình ảnh chó khóc khi được giải cứu trước khi bị biến thành thức ăn 5 phút

In a heart-wrenching video, we can see the rescue of an old dog not only locked up but also deprived of water and food.

When rescued, the sight of Robin’s teary eyes moved the rescuers, who were fighting against all odds to save him and the other dogs. The happiness and gratitude on Robin’s face after being rescued from his hellish life were priceless.

Hình ảnh chó khóc khi được giải cứu trước khi bị biến thành thức ăn 6 phút

It is important to raise awareness of this issue and to continue to strive for animal rights, to put an end to the inhumane dog meat industry. The act of consuming dog meat should not be acceptable in any part of the world, and we should all do our part in protecting the rights and welfare of all animals.

In conclusion, the images of rescued dogs provide a powerful message about the cruelty of the dog meat industry. We must strive to continue the fight against this practice and protect the welfare of these animals. Together, we can make a difference and bring an end to this inhumane industry.

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