People Are Sharing Cute Pics Of Their “Shoulder Animals”

by johnsmith


People are sharing adorable photos of their “shoulder pets”. And, here are some of the cutest ones, take a look at them!

1. My Shoulder Buddy


2. Does Shoulder Duck Make The Cut?


3. Hopefully Shoulder Kittens Count


4. Oh Hi There, I Was Told That Shoulder Cats Are Trending Today


5. Behold The Glorious Whiskers Of Shoulder Cat


6. What About A Mouse?


7. I See Your Shoulder Cats. I Raise You Crown Cat


8. My Shoulder Cat Isn’t Nearly As Cute As Everyone Else’s

shoulder pets

9. I See Your Shoulder Cats, Is It Too Late For A Shoulder Baby Opossum?

10. Do Shoulder Horses Count? She’s Always Hanging Her Head Over My Neck Waiting For Scratches

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