Parents Secretly Give The Cat Away And Person Passionately Pursuits Of Her Friend

by johnsmith

Here is a lovely and passionately true friendship relation between a human and a cat. Parents secretly give the cat away and Reddit user nexerxe pursuits of her friend until finding her. She had to leave his cat because she would go to college 3 hours away and cats were not allowed to in the dormitory. Her parents accepted to care for the cat just for a year but secretly they gave her away. She learned where her cat is and set up a GoFundMe campaign to raise the funds needed to re-adopt the cat. Thanks to helpful people, she could re-adopted her cat.

She learns her parents gave her cat away and passionately pursuits of her best friend

give the cat away

give the cat away

give the cat away

Here’s what people said about the whole ordeal

give the cat away

give the cat away

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