Most Adorable Ones Of Vintage Photos Of Celebrities With Cats

by johnsmith

You will see celebrities with cats that probably you haven’t seen some of them yet. Instagram page All Vintage Cats shared and here are 30 photos of celebrities with cats.

Here are some iconic celebrities with their pets.

1. Kurt Cobain

celebrities with cats

2. British Henry Behrens, Considered The Smallest Man In The World At The Time, Was Seen Dancing To His Pet In Front Of His House

3. German Photographer Herbert Tobias With His Cat

celebrities with cats

4. Dalai Lama XIV

5. “Photo of a French soldier, who took some time to feed a small baby.”

cats with celebrities

6. Hollywood Star, American Actress And Producer Mary Pickford

celebrities with cats

7. “American actress Elizabeth Montgomery playing the character Samantha with the kitten Ling-Ling in the television series Bewitched in 1965.”

cats with celebrities

8. “A real treat for our eyes, American actor and filmmaker Clint Eastwood was portrayed at home, with his pussy, by photographer Larry Barbier, around 1960. Los Angeles, California. The United States.”

celebrities with cats

9. “Scary tales can be very frightening, but nothing that the company of a kitten doesn’t solve. In the picture, American actress, singer, and dancer Judy Garland, in 1938.”

cats with celebrities

10. “Take a look at these portraits of George Harrison accompanied by his Persian cat named Korky. High dose of cuteness, right? Surrey, United Kingdom, 1965.”

celebrities with cats

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