The World’s MosT Unιque Frogs – MysTeries AbouT TҺeιr Toxins

by msss kha
Surely all of us know about frogs. Most of us think of them as harmless animals, but they are not. Some frogs are even capable of killing people. And the following article will help you know more about poisonous frogs, the most poisonous toad species in the world.
Here are 10 of the most venomous frogs in the world.
1. Leaf Frog

The most unique types of frogs are the leaf frogs. The giant leaf frog looks like a monster on the green forest with a terrible body change. Not only that, the frog is powerful enough to cause hallucinations in its victims.

A giant frog known as the “Giant Monkey Frog”, it is found mainly in the Amazon Basin. Their bodies are waxy and have the ability to secrete fluid around their eyes to see their surroundings perfectly, even in water.

According to the IUCN, this frog is classified as endangered and so spotting them would be a real challenge.


2. Red Backed Poison Frog

The second poisonous frog among the poisonous frogs is the red poison frog. They look very dangerous with the bright red color on their backs. Its dynamic venom is capable of causing severe pain in human tissues and immediate death in animals.

This frog is native to the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador and Peru. They use toxins stored in the epidermis of the skin as a dangerous defense mechanism. According to zoologists, this frog does not produce its own venom, but rather stored poison from consuming poisonous ants and insects.

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3.Strawberry Poison-Dart Frog

The name of this frog is quite strange, do you think they are potentially dangerous? Surely to you this is a poisonous frog. So you shouldn’t even think about touching it, because of its external appeal.

Frogs end up becoming more dangerous due to the secretion of natural toxins that contain nitrogenous bases. The reaction produced by the toxins can paralyze an individual, eventually causing death. This species is found mainly in Central America and does not have much variation in color combinations.

4. Splash Backed Poison Frog

Spotted frogs are protected with a large amount of poison containing tubocurarine (the poison used as arrow poison). They possess a rather eye-catching appearance, the poison is secreted from the skin and is capable of killing an adult in less than five minutes.

Basically this species is found in Peru and in the drainage system of the Huallaga River.

4.Yellow-Banded Poison Dart Frog

The golden dart frog has a beautiful appearance, but is very dangerous due to its toxin content. It can grow up to about 5 cm in length, mainly found in Venezuela.

It is very dangerous when toxins secreted from the skin of frogs, interfere with nerve impulses, can lead to heart failure.

5.Black Legged Dart Frog

The frog is considered the third most poisonous of the dart frogs, being one of the largest of the dart frogs. It has a length of about 50-55 mm.

With 150 micrograms of its venom capable of killing an adult in just minutes. The poison causes symptoms such as muscle paralysis and respiratory disturbances in the victim.

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6. Brazil-Nut Poison Frog

As the name suggests, this is one of the deadliest, deadliest frogs in the world. The Brazilian poison frog is a very small frog with a snout length of 18 to 23 mm .

Their name is derived from the growth of tadpoles, which occur inside the hard seed-like capsules of the Brazilian tree.

The Brazilian poison frog is endemic to the rainforests of central Brazil. They live among the fallen leaves on the forest floor and sometimes climb on low vegetation. They are active around the clock, feeding on ants, termites and other small invertebrates.

7.Phantasmal Poison Frog

This frog has a maximum length of about 1.6 inches and is found only in Ecuador. Furthermore, frogs are considered an endangered species and their reproduction is quite rare. And their power is capable of killing an adult adult.

Research has found that the toxin epibatadine in this frog can make drugs (because epibatadine is a chemical with pharmacological benefits).

8. Golden Poison Frog

The Golden Poison Frog is considered the most poisonous frog in the world, reaching a size of 55 mm when fully grown. It is capable of killing 10 to 20 adults in just one second. The amount of poison in them is capable of killing up to two African elephants. At a dose of 1 milligram, it was capable of killing about 10,000 rats.

The poison contained in this frog is accumulated by consuming poisonous ants. And the poison storehouse would be used for self-defense, but not to kill prey.

10.Kokoe Poison Frog

Frogs contain a deadly toxin called “batrachotoxin”. The most fearsome is that the poison is present almost all over the frog’s body and it becomes very dangerous to touch it. Exposure to this toxin can lead to irreversible tissue damage. The victim of poisoning will lead to death if not treated promptly due to paralysis.

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This species is mainly found in the humid forests of Colombia at altitudes of 60 and 520 meters.

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