The MosT Impressive And MysTeɾιoᴜs Transparent Aniмals In Our Unιverse That WiƖƖ Suɾely Sᴜɾρɾise Yoᴜ

by msss kha

If you’re wondering why this beautiful transparent fish looks so familiar, it’s a member of the Dory family, Nemo’s companion in the popular cartoon. It is a spiny fish that lives in tropical waters.

“Portuguese man o’ war” or Physalia is no jellyfish, although it has long tentacles and stings that can be poisonous, even deadly. This creature has a strange name just like its shape. The most famous of the species are those that live on the ocean surface near Portugal.

Unlike regular butterflies, this butterfly is transparent instead of brightly colored. He is called Greta oto and is a member of the subfamily Danainae, tribe Ithomiini. This glass butterfly uses its transparent wings for camouflage.


Chaenocephalus aceratus, commonly known as blackfin rockfish, lives mainly in Antarctica. Its blood is transparent, as is its body. It has a very weak fossil skeleton that is creamy white in color.

This cute creature that looks like a small glass ball is called the Pleurobrachia pileus, also known as the Sea Goose. It is 2.5cm long, lives in open water. Its tentacles are twenty times longer than the body and are used to wrap around prey.

Palaemonetes paludosus is also known as ghost shrimp. It is native to the southeastern United States, living mainly in freshwater such as lakes and ponds and feeding on plankton.


This glass frog lives in the southern United States, belongs to the amphibian family Centrolenidae. They are usually lime green, however, a large number of glass frogs are completely transparent. You can easily see their internal organs and even their hearts.

Amphipod Cystisoma Neptuni is a deep-sea amphipod creature with translucent body. Its special construction helps protect it from predators. It can only be seen in photos thanks to the camera flash

Pelagic Nudibranch is one of the most famous types of gastropods. To catch prey, it uses its transparent glass horns. This species is quite small in size with a maximum length of only 5.5 cm .

Glass eels live in rivers in Europe. Their length varies from 60 to 80 cm, in rare cases, up to 1.5 meters in length. Glass eels have a long lifespan of 80-150 years.

This beautiful creature is a Juvenile bullfish. This fish usually lives around coral reefs in lagoons. What’s interesting about them is that not only are they transparent, but they float instead of swimming.

This snail is almost transparent. Its original name is Zospeum tholussum, first discovered in 2013, in a cave in Croatia. It is very small, about 3mm in size. These glass snails are usually blind and look super cute.


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