TҺe Letter Attached To The Neck Of The AƄɑndoned Dog Made The Rescᴜer Cry

by msss kha

In March 2020, Lionel Vytialingam was standing in a grocery store when he heard a loud noise like a car brake outside.

Looking out the window, he held his breath when he saw an abandoned dog running bewildered in the middle of the traffic.

Fearing bad luck, Lionel quickly got into the car and chased the dog.

In many ways, Lionel made the frightened dog approach. Then, Lionel suddenly discovered a piece of wet paper hanging from the dog’s neck.

Gently, Lionel unfolded the piece of paper, hoping it would include an address for the owner.

But not! It was not a note, but a letter with the following content:

“My name is Siggy and I am the most affectionate dog you will ever meet. Your master is sorry to leave you, but he is no longer able to take care of you.

Take me home, let me be part of the new family and give me love. I am a 5-year-old Goldendoodle (a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle).

You are very nice and you have never bitten anyone. You can also do some tricks. I hope the new owner will like me.”

Lionel Vytialingam was speechless and burst into tears after reading the letter. The little dog Siggy was loaded into Lionel’s car and brought home. Siggy’s rescuer has become his new owner.

Lionel’s wife cleans Siggy and puts the dog on a warm bed.

Lionel later prepares Siggy a bench, where Siggy can use it as a place to enjoy sweet honey bread.

Siggy is adorable but can’t get along with Lionel’s old family dog. After a while, Lionel decided to look for a dedicated and suitable family to adopt Siggy.

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Now, the dog that was abandoned on the street has had a better start.

Lionel shared Siggy’s story on his Facebook page to emphasize the responsibility of pet adoption.

The letter attached to the neck of an abandoned dog has been a catalyst for change, inspiring a community of animal lovers to come together to help and be kind to those in need.

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