The dog decided to stay at the construction site and refused to leave the place where he last saw his family

by jonh henry

A lost or abandoned dog can wander in search of its owner, but some prefer to wait at the last place they saw their family. That’s what happened with Bella, a scared pup who refused to leave a construction site in a busy neighborhood for three sleeping on sidewalk underneath construction sign

When Good Samaritans reported Bella’s presence to rescuer Suzette Hall, she knew it wouldn’t be easy to trap the dog. Bella was hiding under a construction sign and was very fearful of people. Despite neighbors’ efforts, the scared pup would bark and resist any attempt to lure her into a and tan dog sitting next to fire hydrant and construction sign

Hall decided to leave the trap overnight and returned the next morning to find the dog still in the same spot. This time, Bella seemed less spooked, and Hall was able to trick her into the trap with some hot dogs.

Once Bella was trapped, Hall noticed how scared the pup was, so she spent time comforting her before taking her to the vet. They named her Bella, and she was given a private room to decompress for a few and tan dog standing on sidewalk

Thanks to a loving vet tech who volunteered to foster her, Bella was able to come out of her shell and feel safe and loved. She didn’t have to wait at the construction site anymore, and now she’s on her way to a and tan dog inside a wire crate

Bella’s story is a reminder that not all lost or abandoned dogs will roam around, and some will wait for their owners to return. It’s essential to be patient and try different methods to help them feel safe and comfortable until they find their forever home.

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