Lucкy Dog Was Rescued When IT Was About to Be Sent to the Slaughterhoᴜse.

by jonh henry

In Vietnam, many people consume dog meat. Some others, however, raise dogs to protect them and sell them to slaughterhouses for profit.

On our way to the patrol residential house, we discovered and rescued some dogs from being sold into the slaughterhouse. But these are just a few of those that were rescued, what about the ones that cannot be found?

We found a woman carrying a pitiful dog to the slaughterhouse for sale. At first, I asked her to sell it back for 200,000 VND, then 500,000, then 700,000, but she refused to sell it definitively. Finally, we had to buy it back for 900,000 VND, equivalent to 45 USD. She asked for a high price compared to the Vietnamese market, but we had to accept it because the poor dog needed to be rescued in time. Otherwise, she would have sold it to the slaughterhouse.

The dog was tied very tightly, very painfully. Mentally, it was very panicked! I had to reassure it constantly. It panicked so much that it tried to escape if it had the chance. Because of its panic, it had no interest in food, even though it was very hungry.

We sent the dog to the care center and will find a nice owner for it. It took a bath; it was so dirty and smelly, but eventually, it became obedient.

Is a loyal animal, a good friend, worthy of being killed for meat? Why are they so ruthless? They tied it up very tightly, making it very painful… mentally, it is very panicked!

The rescued dog is a loyal and beautiful animal. It is a white spotted, black-brown dog and it will find a good owner soon. The rescue of this dog is a reminder that we should treat all animals with kindness and respect.

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