Adopted Dog From The SҺelter Is So Thɑnкful That He Can NoT SToρ Hugging His New Owneɾ

by jonh henry

In a heartwarming story that has captured the attention of animal lovers around the world, a pitbull named Russ has found a loving home after being rescued from a shelter. Kayla Filoon, a 20-year-old student who volunteered as a dog walker at ACCT Philly, fell in love with Russ at first sight and decided to adopt him.

When Russ arrived at the shelter, he was in a sorry state. He was losing fur and was very skinny, and Kayla knew that he would soon be put down if he wasn’t adopted. She decided to take him home and give him the love and care that he needed.

Russ was incredibly thankful and affectionate towards Kayla, and loved nothing more than snuggling with her while she did her homework. According to Kayla, he is the “perfect dog” and is loved by all of her housemates.

Despite his rough start, Russ has bounced back and is now healthy and happy. The photo of Russ cuddling with Kayla that her friend posted on Facebook went viral, and animal lovers from all over the world have been showering Russ with love.

Kayla hopes that Russ’ story will inspire others to adopt shelter dogs and give them the love and care that they deserve. As the trend of adopting stray dogs and cats continues to grow, more and more animals will be able to find loving families and new homes.

Now animal lovers from all over the world are showering Russ with love!

“He’s such a love bug, honestly.”

Filoon has seix other housemates who all adore Russ

It took Russ a bit of time to adjust to his new environment

With constant love, care, and a lot of rest, he bounced back pretty well.

But now he is healthy and happy!

Kayla hopes Russ’ story inspires others to adopt as well

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