This lady came at us with her dog, then countinue to harness us saying her ESA was allowed to be there in training.

by mr lam

Sometimes, life presents us with unexpected encounters that leave us both intrigued and puzzled. One such encounter occurred when a lady approached us with her dog and confidently asserted that her Emotional Support Animal (ESA) had the right to be there for training.

It all began on a regular afternoon when we were engrossed in our training session. Our group was focused, diligently working on various exercises to improve our skills. That’s when the lady appeared, accompanied by her loyal canine companion.

With a determined stride, the lady approached our group, her ESA dog by her side. She confidently informed us that her dog was an Emotional Support Animal and had every right to be present during our training session.

The sudden encounter left us momentarily bewildered. We had always adhered to our training guidelines, which did not include provisions for the presence of ESAs. As a group, we exchanged puzzled glances, unsure of how to respond to this unexpected situation.

As we engaged the lady in conversation, it became apparent that she genuinely believed in the importance of her ESA dog being present during our training session. She explained how her canine companion provided her with emotional support and comfort, making her training experience more manageable.

In the end, our encounter with the lady and her ESA dog served as a valuable lesson in compassion and understanding. While our initial reaction was one of surprise and uncertainty, we came to appreciate the significance of emotional support animals in people’s lives.



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