How’d You Get Your Cat To Do That?

by mr lam

One of the most common questions I receive from friends and fellow motorbike enthusiasts is, “How did you get your cat to do that?” The “that” in question refers to my little feline friend’s surprising love for motorbikes and the thrill of speed. In this article, I’ll share the heartwarming story of how my cat developed this unexpected passion.

The journey began quite serendipitously. I was working on my motorbike in the garage one sunny afternoon when my curious cat, full of inquisitiveness, wandered in. Her natural curiosity led her to investigate every nook and cranny of the bike, which piqued my interest.

Rather than shooing her away, I decided to make her introduction to the world of motorbikes as gentle and positive as possible. I allowed her to explore at her own pace, ensuring she felt safe and secure in the garage environment.

As I continued working on the bike, I made sure to create positive associations with the motorbike experience for my cat. I’d often give her treats and gentle pets while she was near the bike. This helped her associate the motorbike with positive emotions.

When it came time to introduce her to the actual riding experience, I started small. I’d place her in the stationary motorbike, letting her get accustomed to the vibrations and sounds while the bike remained idle. Gradually, I’d turn on the engine briefly, ensuring she wasn’t frightened.

The safety of my cat was always a top priority. I invested in a specially designed pet carrier that could be securely fastened to the passenger seat of the motorbike. This provided a safe and comfortable space for her during our rides.


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