Enjoy the ‘circus show’ of the pink dolphins on the Mexican beach.d (Video)

by mr lam

Mexico is home to an unforgettable natural phenomenon – the ‘circus show’ of the pink dolphins! These dolphins swim up to the shore of La Paz beach, in the Gulf of California, enchanting locals and tourists alike with their majestic presence.

These unique dolphins, also known as ‘jumping dolphins’, are one of the few species of dolphins that can be found in the warm waters of Mexico. They are easily recognizable with their distinctive pink hue, which is caused by the presence of a pigment called ‘porphyrin’ in their skin. These dolphins are not only remarkable to look at, but they also display incredible acrobatic abilities.

The ‘circus show’, as it is called, consists of the dolphins jumping out of the water, spinning in circles, and performing a number of stunts. Tourists and locals flock to La Paz beach to witness this amazing spectacle. The dolphins come close to the shore, allowing visitors to get a closer look at them and even take pictures.


The ‘jumping dolphins’ are a popular attraction in Mexico and are widely recognized as a symbol of the country’s natural beauty. They are a protected species and it is important to respect their natural environment while watching them. Tourists and locals alike are encouraged to take part in conservation efforts to ensure the dolphins’ safety and wellbeing.

Visiting La Paz beach to witness the ‘circus show’ of the pink dolphins is an experience like no other. These incredible creatures will leave you mesmerized with their majestic presence and graceful movements. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, don’t miss the chance to witness this amazing natural phenomenon.


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