Discoveɾing Thɑt Newborn Gorillas Have An 80% SimιƖaɾ Appearɑnce To Hᴜmans, Causing A Stir In The ScienTific WorƖd.d

by mr lam

The scientific world was recently set abuzz with the discovery that newborn gorillas have a striking resemblance to human babies. The finding was made after a study conducted by researchers from the University of Colorado and published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B in April 2020.

The study used photographs of newborn gorillas and compared them to the images of human babies. It was found that the two species had an 80% similarity in their facial features and expressions. This amazing similarity has left scientists baffled as to why this is so.

The study also revealed that the newborn gorillas’ facial expressions are the same as those of human infants. This may be due to the fact that gorillas and humans share a common ancestor and have been evolving together for millions of years. This could explain why the two species have so much in common.

The findings of this study have been met with enthusiasm from the scientific community as it could lead to further insights into the evolution of both humans and gorillas. It could also help us understand why the two species are so similar in appearance.

The discovery that newborn gorillas and human babies have an 80% similarity in their facial features and expressions has caused a stir in the scientific world. This finding could lead to further research into the evolution of both species and help us better understand why they are so similar in appearance.s.


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