Poor dog has been sleeping next to his owner in the cemetery for the past 7 years

by jonh marcry

Dogs are often considered man’s best friend, and the story of a loyal dog who slept with his owner for seven years is a testament to that sentiment. The dog’s owner is Nguyen Thi Thanh who lives in a small village in South Vietnam. Nguyen is a farmer and has been taking care of her dog “Lucky” since he was a puppy. Lucky is a cross between a dog and a golden retriever, and has been a faithful companion of Mrs. Nguyen since he was a puppy.

Lucky sleeps next to Nguyen every night on the porch, even when the temperature drops below freezing during the winter months. Despite the cold, Lucky is still devoted to Mrs. Nguyen and her family.

Villagers in the area were amazed at Lucky’s loyalty, and Nguyen’s neighbors often commented that Lucky was the most devoted dog they had ever seen. They noted that Lucky was always there to greet them when they arrived and to protect Ms. Nguyen and her family when needed.


Mrs. Nguyen is always grateful for Lucky’s loyalty and companionship, and when asked how long Lucky has slept with her, she said it’s been seven years!

Mrs. Nguyen believes that Lucky is a special dog, and she is grateful for the friendship and protection Lucky has given her and her family. Lucky is an example of the extraordinary bond that can be formed between humans and animals, and a reminder that all animals deserve love and respect.

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