CREEPY Ghost Videos Caught On Camera (REAL)

by johnsmith

Top 10 ghosts caught on camera the wanderer coming in at number 10 on this week’s episode  of scary videos is a video i found on facebook the video you’re about to watch was filmed  on a cctv camera and uploaded to facebook   by brii ashton monkman

There’s not much to say other than their cctv  motion detector alerted brii to it and while   she was going through the recorded footage she  noticed she had captured something rather creepy slow play slowly it says slow play see look how clear that chair is and  if those were closed they would show  

The ghostly apparition can be seen appearing out  of nowhere wandering through brees garden before   disappearing out of view you can clearly make out  the human light figure as it makes its way through   the backyard but the question is is this video  real or fake as always it’s your call not alone

This next creepy clip was uploaded to tick tock  by a woman called heather whose username is heat   1979. now the claims they’ve encountered  paranormal activity on several occasions   but never actually caught anything to show  as evidence one night heather’s daughter  

And her friend decided to record a tick-tock  video alone in their home also they thought   this is my daughter and her friend  please watch closely between them   no one else was up in my home look between them  right i’m a crochet now as the girls are recording  

A video shadow of someone or something can be  seen walking by behind the girls ella swears   his video is real and that her daughter and  her friend were alone at the time this video  

Was recorded so just who or what is this tell me  what you think down in the comments what is that this next video was recorded on cctv and  uploaded to youtube by the user robin skirvin  

Robin believes he managed to catch a quote ghost  on camera but like always you guys are the judges   we believe we have caught a ghost on camera let’s  see hang on it’s gonna pull up here just a second  

Okay there it is right there watch it goes  all the way across the camera now that you   know where it’s at i’ll pull out a little bit and  just watch this thing it goes all the way across  

And there’s not a light because there is no light  back there behind you can see up on the hill   back there there’s no light there there’s nobody  over here but it’s still going across the camera  

You can’t see it as much now but it’s there the  shiny white thing can be seen moving on the screen   outside robin’s home he states that it  is definitely not a light but what do   you guys think did robin capture a ghost on  camera or is it someone messing with a light  

Let me know what you think in  the comments below it’s watching in this next video which is a two-part series  spanish ghost hunters akiva extincto returned   to an abandoned haunted house they previously  investigated suffered a terrifying attack   the house they’re investigating is supposedly  inhabited by a demon or dark entity and legend has  

It that the demon took the life of a young woman  and atrocious events occurred inside the house   the team start their paranormal investigation  they explore the abandoned house from top to   bottom they light candles set up a ouija board  and throughout the video strange things happen  

However towards the end of their investigation  they capture someone or something watching them hey hey hey guys is is foreign okay okay wait as the team are nearing the end of their  investigation having encountered a ton of  

Strange activity they decide to take one final  look and when the camera pans past the doorway   a dark figure can be seen just standing  there in the darkness in seconds later   when the camera passes back there’s no one  there at the time of recording the team  

Didn’t notice it but when they watched this  footage back it made their blood turn cold   it approaches this next video was uploaded  to youtube by the user thea taylor on the   7th of february 2020 the attailer and her  husband were reviewing their cctv footage   when they noticed something strange  approach the neighbor’s house  

We apparently caught an apparition going  to the neighbor’s house going left to right   by the trash cans and in the middle of  the driveway this figure or apparition   dissipates and i’ve watched this hundreds  of times and nobody goes in the apartment   there it is walking no legs  and she disappears if you see  

Nobody is going into this apartment  right now and a vehicle drives by nobody nobody’s there the neighbors left  there’s nobody nowhere to be found anywhere very odd what’s your thoughts on that   captured on cctv camera in the dead of  night a dark figure with no legs can be  

Seen moving from the left of the screen before  vanishing into thin air these husbands state   that this is very odd and that he believes they  have caught evidence of an apparition but what are   your thoughts on this video could this be evidence  of something paranormal let me know what you think  

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To pay for unlike netflix please smash that  like button and drop a comment below bathsheba this next creepy video comes from the channel  oh my gosh tv where he visits a cemetery in   rhode island to investigate the infamous bathsheba  sherman bathsheba was known to practice witchcraft  

And apparently sacrifice babies and children as  an offering to the devil her own children died   under mysterious circumstances a child was found  with a large needle through the child’s skull   townsfolk believed the children were sacrificed  by bathsheba however bathsheba was never arrested  

Or found guilty of these offences due to  insufficient evidence omar ventures out to   the cemetery late at night where bathsheba  is buried and captures this on camera   so we’re looking for a headstone that has been  glued together from 1885 i ain’t gonna lie i’ve  

Been to many cemeteries at night time and this  one takes the cake this one takes the cake for   creep factor so here is the final resting place of  bathsheba who what what what what’s that i don’t  

Know you said that and it sounded like something  was walking behind me i said her name did you   catch any anything good nothing behind you right  uh-huh okay wait wait show that picture again   nothing behind you right that was me vlogging  right now yeah what is that on the other picture

Oh my god does that even look like a face it’s  like an outline wait look at this doesn’t this   look like two eyes a nose and a mouth look  two eyes a nose and a mouth hold on let me see  

Oh my god yes in the mouth and it’s  like a there’s no tombstone there are you sure that’s not that it’s not in this  picture oh there’s no tombstone oh you’re right   that’s where i was standing what the hell you  ready to go yeah oh hey you can’t follow me

When tiffany shows us a picture that she  took of omar someone or something can be   seen standing behind him and when zoomed in  you can make out the eyes nose and the mouth   of whatever this is so will this be  the spirit of bathsheba or another  

Spirit wandering the cemetery or is it all  fake as always it’s your call the shadow the short video is taken from the youtube channel  carrie e there’s not much to say other than the   video was uploaded as a youtube short and that  the title of the video is what is this thing  

A shadow person and well after examining  this video it does indeed look like it it didn’t even pick up that promotion  drawn on carrie’s mobile phone   we can see footage of inside curry’s living room  when all of a sudden a shadowy figure slowly moves  

And then quickly dashes across the screen and  what’s really creepy about this video is that   the motion detector didn’t pick up whatever  or whoever this is creepy what do you think   this next short video isn’t the best quality but  it is quite compelling video you’re about to see  

Has been shared before and it’s one that has left  viewers scratching their heads like the previous   video there isn’t much to say without spoiling  it so i’ll just go ahead and roll the clip what what looks like an apparition  of an animal can be seen clearly  

On camera and apparently the family’s dog  had sadly only recently passed away could   this be the spirit of the family’s dog  or is it something else in the window kent burris from the youtube channel ghosts of  carmel maine uploaded this lengthy paranormal  

Video of some really creepy encounters he and his  family have experienced the beginning of the video   ken shows us some interesting footage of vvp  recordings he’s captured around the house about   three minutes into the video kenneth explains that  his granddaughter kaylee would visit the house  

And became interested in kent’s investigations  and wanted to join in one night while kent and   his granddaughter kaylee were alone in the  house they noticed an uninvited guest lurking   outside and i must say it’s pretty creepy when  my granddaughter kaylee came to this house  

To visit with us she did hear some of the  things that were going on in this house   she heard disembodied voices and she definitely  heard strange sounds she wanted to be a part of   these investigations during this time we  were experiencing simple ghost encounters  

At least so we thought when i say simple  ghost encounters i’m talking about knock   sounds faint disembodied voices or other  strange sounds that couldn’t be explained   however things will take a turn for many months  this apparition showed up at the house looking  

Through the window at us his visits were  so frequent we ended up giving him a name   shadow dude no he’s not a shadow apparition  but at the time i didn’t know what to call him it’s actually nothing whoa  whoa shadow dude just came back

Yep shadow dude’s right there he’s  smiling shadow dude what’s your name what’s so funny can you see shadow dude at  all without the screen no even if the card went by doesn’t disappear at all shadow dude what’s your name tell us your name after looking at shadow dude for quite some time  

I go around to the front of the house to see if i  could see him outside the window this was captured a dark figure walked away from the front  window where a shadow dude was seen   i did not see this with the naked eye  this could only be seen on the camera  

If i saw this in real time there would  have definitely been a reaction on my part   a clear apparition of a young female of blonde  hair was captured we carefully examined this photo   first there was nobody in the house that  resembled the hair and face of this girl

Second it would be impossible this was  somebody’s reflection from across the room   the birthday bags would have been in the way  blocking this reflection from somebody in the room   we concluded no doubt this is  the apparition of a young girl  

With blonde hair a few days later my daughter  told me she saw an apparition of a young female   she was wearing older style clothing  walking from one room to another in the home   during this time we did not realize the  severity of these encounters while ken and  

His granddaughter are relaxing in their home the  face of someone they call shadow dude can be seen   peering in through their porch window they try to  communicate with it but the figure doesn’t respond   and just continues to stare eerily in through the  window and when a car’s light shines in the window  

The figure can still be seen just peering in  then when ken goes outside to confront it a dark   figure can be seen moving away from the window  but at the time of recording was invisible to  

The naked eye then on kaylee’s birthday kent snaps  a picture of kaylee by her presence and what looks   like a figure with blonde hair can be seen in the  background apparently the figure seen in the photo  

Had attached itself to kaylee now i don’t know  about you but both these images look very much   like faces but the who you can watch the full  hour-long video over on kent’s youtube channel   ghosts of carmel maine before we move on to number  one if you love watching scary videos just as much  

As my current subscribers do you should join  them by subscribing to my channel i release   scary videos every single week and if scary videos  are your thing make sure you subscribe right now   and hit the notification bell to be notified as  soon as i upload a new scary video did you see it

The last clip for this week comes from the youtube  channel saw paranormal and what follows is rather   creepy video you’re about to see was filmed  inside the infamous conjuring house where   the saw paranormal team filmed a three-part  series for the first two parts of the series  

The team investigates a conjuring  house with all of the lights off   during the second episode they attempt to make  contact with any entities that are present   with them one of the members of the group  alex mentioned she’s been seeing shadow  

Figures and the team hear strange knocks and  bangs throughout the episode however in part   three they managed to capture on camera what alex  had been seeing earlier in their investigation um so did they to the point you guys i was getting  attacked i don’t know if you guys saw my life  

Oh my god no you oh my god oh my god did you  guys it’s moving the door’s [ __ ] moving oh my shut the door i don’t think you can do it some of you may  have seen this amazing piece of evidence  

Caught on our tick tock live that  we were able to save when we went   back to watch what had closed the  door and alex the evidence was whole and what’s that through all right okay i thought that was the camera jesus christ all right jesus christ all right

Here is a screenshot from the video and  the next one is the same picture with the   brightness enhanced in this picture  here you can clearly make out a head   an arm a leg and even facial features i’m sure  we’ve said this a few times but this is by far  

The coolest and best evidence we have captured the  paranormal the door seems to close slowly on its   own then for a split second shadowy figure  can be seen when the video is slowed down   we can see what appears to be a black  shadowy figure caught on camera so did  

The saw paranormal team capture evidence of  something paranormal inside the conjuring house   or maybe it’s just photoshop let me know what  you think down in the comments thanks so much   for watching you can watch more scary creepy  videos by clicking on any of these videos shown  

On the screen you can also follow me on instagram  at mindjunkietv or over on tick tock at mind junky

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