Tourists are taking advantage of dolphins’ vulnerability by dragging them ashore, taking pictures and then leaving them to die.

by Mr Cuti

A crowd of tourists accidentally killed the small dolphin when bringing it ashore and taking it everywhere for people to take pictures.

The incident happened at the beach resort in Santa Teresita, Buenos Aires, Argentina. The crowd of curious tourists is completely unaware that the body temperature of the fish with a thick layer of fat will quickly heat up and it will die immediately. Then the small body was left mercilessly on the beach.

Hernan Coria, a tourist on Santa Teresita beach, was one of those who photographed a crowd of curious tourists carrying a dolphin across the beach. Dozens of curious people gathered around and tried to squeeze to touch the struggling little animal.

This dolphin, like many other fishes, cannot live long on the shore without water, their body will quickly heat up. The dolphin died while lying in everyone’s arms.

The Argentina Wildlife Fund has sent a message to everyone about these vulnerable La Plata dolphins, which can only be found on the beaches of Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil.

The La Plata dolphin is listed as endangered, with only about 30,000 left in the world. The conservation of these dolphins is of particular interest because they tend to swim close to shore, where a lot of fishing takes place


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