The American scientist personally swallowed the Amazon giant python and the horrible ending at the end of the video

by Mr Cuti

An American scientist specializing in studying creatures living in the wild has made an extremely dangerous and daring video: being swallowed by a giant python in the Amazon rainforest.
This past summer, Rosolie made a video to broadcast on Discovry Channel this Sunday. With the help of a special costume, Rosolie had a script to let a nearly 8m long anaconda weighing about 180kg eat her.
This costume is made of carbon fiber to protect Rosolie’s body from the python’s entanglement and its digestive acids. The suit is equipped with a 3-hour supply of oxygen, communication devices and multiple cameras. Rosolie said that he is very confident about the design of the costume and therefore, he is worried about the safety of the python that reluctantly participates in the group’s program, not for his own life. close.

“I don’t want to overstress the python, I want to make sure the outfit is smooth and won’t hurt the animal. I’m really not scared. We tested this outfit and perfected it with the experts so we know I’ll be fine,” he said.
With the opinion of animal rights defenders that the team “tortured” the python by forcing it to eat Rosolie, a man whose size is larger than the normal size of prey, Rosolie believes that the python The python was unharmed and this experiment was aimed at raising funds to protect the animal’s habitat.

“I wanted to do something that was absolutely shocking to people… What I was trying to do was introduce a lot of people who didn’t know what happened in the Amazon,” he said.

Rosolie, a native of New Jersey, first came to the Amazon at the age of 18, spent 60 days living in the rainforest of Peru with a team of about 12 people searching for the right anaconda for the task. As time was running out, the crew encountered a female python that Rosolie had first seen in 2008.

According to Rosolie, it took 12 people in the water to catch the python. A herpetologist was also present at the site to ensure the python was in good health during its “detainment”.
To attract the attention of the python, Rosolie, after wearing the costume above, dipped herself in pig blood and simulated the movements of anaconda’s prey: wild boar, mouse and reptile like crocodile. Before starting this mission, Rosolie took a pill to transmit biological signals to teammates.

In addition, in the process of searching for suitable pythons in the forest, the team also made records of anacondas in the wild, including the weight, length, and sex of each python family. meet.

In addition, the team also took python skin samples to test for levels of mercury, a by-product of the gold mining industry that is encroaching on these creatures’ habitats. Sunday’s special program will raise funds to save the habitat of this species.

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