Fearlessly, the baby elephant leapt into the river to save his “nanny” when he saw his owner struggling to stay afloat.

by Mr Cuti

Seeing that her caretaker “seemed” to be drowning, this little elephant did not hesitate to plunge into the river to “rescue” him. Animal love is simple and pure!

For Thai people, elephants are sacred animals, symbolizing strength, prosperity and happiness. Elephants generate around 6 billion baht a year in revenue for Thailand, with about 70 to 90% of tourists coming to Thailand almost exclusively to experience elephant-related activities.
Because of that, many elephant camps have been opened in Thailand and people like Mr. Darick are known as mahouts, responsible for taking care of, training and guiding the baby elephants. Reality has proven that, when we give animals time, affection and sincerity, they will return the favor with the sweetest action.

At Elephant Nature Park in Northern Thailand, Darrick took care of Kham Lha from the very first day he was born, knowing the baby elephant’s interests, habits and personality.

In return, baby elephant Kham Lha also loves Darrick very much, almost clinging to him day and night, not leaving half a step. Whenever Darrick called, the baby elephant Kham Lha, who was playing, always came running.

Until one day, the mahout Darrick pretended to be drowning and called for help, the elephant Kham Lha did not mind, ran straight into the fast-flowing water to save him. Although Darrick was able to swim into the shallows by himself, the elephant Kham Lha carefully wrapped his trunk around him to make sure he got to shore safely.

When the video of the two was posted, the action of the baby elephant Kham Lha received countless likes and compliments from netizens.
Darrick has something to share with us: “I jumped into the river to demonstrate how special the relationship between elephants and humans is. If you treat them well and be friendly, they will treat you the same way.”

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