Dog rescue activity: Just rescued a sick dog With Her Look But It’s SAD!

by johnsmith

ONG Paraíso dos Focinhos received information thanks to the rescue of this dog. And they were really surprised by its circumstances.

Can you see the difference between your dog before medical care and after care? That is a very obvious difference.

This poor dog was seen by a woman on her way to work. Its condition at the time of sighting was so dire that it was unable to walk, not even to eat.

Although the woman couldn’t bring the dog to the shelter on her own, it was with her compassion. She took a few photos, shot a short video and sent it to ONG Paraíso dos Focinhos.

Before leaving, she did not forget to cover the dog with a blanket. It tried to wag its tail to her for help, begging her not to abandon it. What he didn’t understand was that she was trying to do what was best for him, and that was about to happen.

Soon after, the organization’s staff came and took him to the dog care center:


The rescue team after receiving the woman’s notice, they tried to get there as quickly as possible. After a thorough examination, the medical staff found that the dog was severely dehydrated and undernourished.

Immediately, they infused it with water, providing it with nourishment.

They did a biopsy, and checked his blood. To be sure there is a solution that suits it better.

And now it’s healthy and looking better.

After only 4 days, the dog gained 4 pounds, and was able to walk normally on his own.

They named it Dega, and after 7 days it was able to eat normally like other dogs. Although it has increased its need and can walk normally, it is still not able to run and play freely like other dogs.

And here is a video of the whole Dega rescue process. From a sick dog, after 3 months he was able to function normally.

Please share so everyone can know about the dog rescue activities of ONG Paraíso dos Focinhos!

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