An Emotional Moment as Hundreds of People Gather to Celebrate the Memory of a Dog that Died Saving its Owner.

by johnsmith

A young man has moved millions of people with his touching tribute to his dog after a lengthy struggle to save its life.

Our beloved dogs become like family members to many of us, and the times we spend with them have an unexplainable worth that we hold dear to our hearts. However, when they become ill and their time in this world comes to an end, it is the most difficult thing for any owner to accept.

Touching image of hundreds of people coming to see the dog that died to save its owner - Juligal

Merv Tolentino Dumanat, from Taguig, Philippines, has been sharing his grief on social media for months following Shadow’s, his beloved Siberian husky, diagnosis of a blood disorder. Shadow’s story began to spread worldwide, and millions of people followed his relapses, treatments, diagnoses, and transfusions minute by minute.

Shadow’s Facebook page is filled with emotional messages from Merv and supporters:

“A dog doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor, intelligent or not. He will give you his heart if you offer him yours… Dogs do not make our lives full, but they do make them more complete. Always!”

Despite Merv’s best efforts, Shadow passed away, leaving him heartbroken:

“I lost my dearest friend, kid, travel companion, and everything. I wish I could do anything to make this pain go away.”

Merv’s poignant tribute video of Shadow’s funeral service at Pet Valley Park and Crematory showed him and his family paying their last respects, expressing their undying love for Shadow, and saying goodbye to another member of their family.

Merv thanked the millions of people who followed Shadow’s journey and sent messages of support:

“Words can’t convey how appreciative I am for all of your lovely messages. It’s really lovely!”

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