A Shop Owner Built A Glass Ceiling For His Cats, They Love It

by johnsmith

Taiwanese Twitter user recently tweeted some pictures of his friend’s shop where the owner installed a glass ceiling for his cats.

Remember ceiling cat? Well, his ‘successors’ have recently been going viral on the internet

cats in the ceiling

A twitter user recently shared pics of what his friend’s shop looks like after putting up some glass ceiling panels in place of regular suspended ceiling tiles

His cats are seen casually chilling there, meowing at people and watching everything they do inside the store

cats in the ceiling

People have started joking that these are ceiling cats 2.0/3.0, making for the perfect purrveillance system

cats in the ceiling

And it seems that the cats don’t just monitor, but could also shred an intruder to bits

cats in the ceiling

There’s also a video about these ceiling cats

Source link: https://themindcircle.com/cats-ceiling/

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