9 SCARY GHOST Videos That’ll Make YOU Shiver

by johnsmith

Top 10 scary videos what was that first video for today was uploaded to the  spanish youtube account todoamil and it   shows something rather difficult to explain  there isn’t much to say about the video other   than it was taken by a person visiting  a graveyard somewhere in latin america

Set aside the potato quality footage the  shadowy figure can be seen inexplicably leaping   into one of the graves before vanishing  into thin air the uploader states that   this footage is of a ghost entering its grave  but what do you think is this actually a ghost  

Entering its grave or is it all fake tell me  what you think comments below wanted or not this next clip comes from the tiktok user  fortune and it’s one that’s left viewers   scratching their heads video was taken  by a woman named mariam she believed her  

Sister’s home was haunted her sister however  didn’t believe it was until she saw this video out of nowhere child is pushed to the floor by  something we can’t see tick-tock skeptics are   out in force with this one with many claiming  the child just fell over but what do you think  

Did something push this child over or did he  fall as always it’s i’ll call the interview this next clip is another i found on tick  tock uploaded by user jonathan and moser   official in the video film somewhere in  a spanish village jonathan can be seen  

Interviewing a man when all of a sudden  something strange is caught on camera as the man is being interviewed all of  a sudden his hair is pulled by something   and the door behind them slowly creaks open by the  time the video was recorded the pair didn’t notice  

It at all it was only when viewers commented  on the video mentioning the strange occurrence   with the man’s hair and the door jonathan  realized what just captured real or fake following creepy clip recently  blew up on the subreddit ghosts   and has left reddit users divided  video is titled ghost in hospital  

Peeks out at me as i walk by and  well it does indeed seem like that as the person recording looks down one of the  hospital hallways a dark figure can be seen   peeking out from the end of the hallway person  filming takes a look back but when he pans down  

The hallway there’s no one there credit users  are divided by this video with many claiming   it straight up fake and many saying it’s legit  but as always with every video i feature on my   channel the decision is ultimately yours in the  headlights this next creepy clip has been shared  

Before it was uploaded to the title account  machine gun katie and it’s pretty creepy video   which katie claims is real shows a snapchat  recording of katie and her friends driving   down a dark wooded road late at night in viking  mountain in tennessee something mysterious happens

Something white can be seen in the car’s  headlights going from one side of the road to the   other but what is it tiptop users have debunked  the theory of it being just a smudge of the window  

As if you look closely you can see it actually  does move kt claims this video is 100 real   what do you think this strange  white thing could be let me know   in the comments if you’re enjoying this episode so  far all i ask is that you please like this video  

And comment something below to help get this  video out doing so will help more people see   it and it allows me to keep bringing you guys  more free content that you don’t have to pay   for unlike netflix so please smash that like  button and drop a comment below what is this

This next creepy video comes from the  youtube channel paranormal nightmares   who are firm believers in the paranormal  and record and upload indoor surveillance   footage of strange things happening around their  haunted home this particular video was captured  

On indoor cctv in the living room area of the  house and was uploaded on the 24th of march   this year apparently in the middle of  the night the family cat started clawing   at their daughter’s bedroom door which he  has never done before when their daughter  

Opened her bedroom door poor kitty ran in the  room petrified with all his hair fluffed up   family checked their surveillance footage  the following night and this is what they saw cat be seen in an emotionless stance staring at  a set of dolls few seconds later a white mist  

Can be seen forming by the dolls cat sees it  it can be seen fleeing the scene in absolute   terror so just what is this that the indoor  camera caught caused a cat to fear for his   life is it something paranormal tell me your  thoughts down in the comments altergeist activity  

This video was uploaded to the youtube account  the historic jefferson hotel on the 15th of april   2022. the video was recorded on the hotel’s indoor  motion security cameras at around 5 30 a.m on the   14th of april is titled crazy poltergeist activity  at the historic jefferson hotel now i just want to  

Point out that the hotel has tried to debunk the  activity you’re about to see and they claim that   it couldn’t be a rat or anything like that and are  leaning more towards something paranormal but i’ll  

Go ahead and roll the clip and you can make up  your own mind i’m in the kitchen and uh here’s you   know with the area where everything went flying  we have a small well a light thing of crackers  

Which there’s not much in there so it’s not super  heavy the butter is uh pretty heavy bananas are   very heavy compared to the rest and then you got  your crackers which are pretty heavy which are  

Full now you can see behind here um because the  camera’s not going to catch on that side we have   a camera over here which i’m going to have to put  cameras now back there but uh you know you can see  

Back here there’s some space and what i’m getting  at is we’re not ruling out the possibility of uh   you know some type of animal it’d have to be a  pretty big animal to do what you’re about to see  

But again you know i’m leaning more towards  paranormal because we did a lot of debunking   there was no droppings we’ve never seen any type  of rat possum anything like that in this building   uh nothing has been eaten touched when you see the  movement of these bananas i think they were over  

Here more the movement that it was just so weird  like the movement went like this so there had been   i just i can’t explain it so let’s get right  to it and we also debunk a lot of this let me  

Turn up some of the you can hear it move we go  in here in a second and we debunk a lot of it   um as far as like going to the events to make  sure nobody came in or out of the kitchen  

There’s first set of movement right there  we know nobody came into the kitchen   uh i came in there three hours prior to this and  i’ll show you that footage and we’ll also go over   the uh light anomaly because i that one is just  crazy to me i’ve never seen anything like that

So let’s see what other  movement we’re going to get that was the taller cracker you  can hear something’s moving there   there’s big movement i think the taller  box is about to go flying here in a

Second okay you can hear it there it goes all  right there’s the taller box now again i can’t   see a rat doing that it would take something  larger that we would catch on camera so i   i don’t know what’s doing this is  all i can say i’m not trying to make  

Uh anybody believe that this is paranormal or  anything like that this is just what i’m finding all right so the next movement is coming up there we go you can hear stuff moving around that’s moving now the banana is coming up this  is the one that’s really weird

Should be here in a second right there   all right so look like the butter  just moved now look at the bananas i i can’t explain that like looks like it got pulled back  now it’s about to get launched and this is the last part and here we go

All right so that’s all the movement we captured  on camera objects can be seen moving and crashing   into the hotel’s kitchen sink then out of nowhere  the box flies off the shelf and crashes to   the floor objects continue to move around which is  clearly noticeable and can be heard in the footage  

Then a bunch of bananas start rocking back  and forth before sliding inexplicably to the   side and then bam the bananas fly off the shelf  with force but the activity doesn’t end there   in another video captured on movement detection  cameras set up at the front desk of the hotel  

More activity can’t be explained is caught  now keep in mind this is all 5 32 so it’s a   little behind the event that happened in the  kitchen now i call it a light anomaly because   i have no idea what would cause this bride of  a light coming from the stairwell right there

See how bright that is you can  even see at the bottom the scales the reflection on there looks like somebody’s  welding so my first thought was okay there’s   something uh in that light you know the  light bulbs going out something but then  

I decided to go to a different camera angle  and this is the front desk look at this so you can clearly see it’s not that light it’s  something entirely like emitting on its own   right there look how bright it is the camera even  picks up on it’s like whoa that is incredibly  

Bright it looks like it’s coming like from  the back side of that picture right there let me play it again full screen now i have  no idea what that is let’s go up and look  

I’m going to switch the camera around so let’s go  look at the stairs real quick just to kind of give   you uh you know an angle of what we’re looking  at front desk camera is actually right here  

Okay and it’s capturing let me get back there let  me go to wide angle too okay so that’s the view   you would see the light flash from right there  the next view would be from this camera over here  

Right there and it would be capturing the light  flash right there so let’s go look on the stairs you can see that you know we have a bunch of our  antiques on there it’s an old clock nothing in  

There brass piece and then this is the top of the  stairs so you’re really not going to see anything   up there what it was i don’t know we have a little  rain lamp right here um there’s no bulb in that  

Up there you can see that’s just a  socket that holds the rain lamp in   i don’t know i don’t have an explanation for  any of it but uh leave your comments on our   youtube page historic jefferson hotel or better  yet come rent a room from us bookjefferson.com  

And see if you can have experiences of your  own strange bright light can be seen emitting   an incredibly bright whitish blue light from  the stairway wall at first the hotel thought   it was coming from the light bulb on the stairs  however when they check from a different camera  

Which shows a different angle of the stairs we  can clearly see the bulb doesn’t emit the bright   blue light seen in the footage the hotel swears  both of these recordings are 100 real but what do   you think is this evidence of something paranormal  or poltergeist activity at the historic jefferson  

Hotel as the video title states let me know  your thoughts on this strange footage unexpected i found this next video on youtube a  while back but totally forgot about it   and the original source is unknown unfortunately  there’s very little information about it but  

What i could gather the video shows a  man filming an abandoned and supposedly   haunted house located deep in a forest when he  manages to capture someone or something camera survivors oh someone or something seems to creepily  walk out of the abandoned building  

The man clearly didn’t expect it can be heard  saying oh my god flees the area quickly now i   have no idea if this video is real or fake  but either way still pretty creepy attacked this next creepy video was captured on a cctv  camera on the back of someone’s house it shows  

A boy walking alone down a wooded path somewhere  in india when something strange happens to him out of nowhere the shadow figure takes form and  forcefully shoves the boys to the ground before   vanishing out of sight boy shaking and terrified  by what has just happened gets up and runs for  

Watching you can watch more scary creepy videos  by clicking on any of these videos shown on   the screen you can also follow me on instagram  mindjunkietv or over on tick tock at mind junky

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