9 SCARY GHOST Videos That’ll Give You Night Terrors

by johnsmith

Top 10 scary videos caught on camera the first scary ghost video you’re about  to see comes from the tiktok account   rachel mog and it’s rather difficult to explain  the creepy video was recorded on a security   camera inside a wedding venue when late one  night when the wedding venue was empty the  

Motion activated lights were triggered by  something strange the camera filmed it all oh my god yeah she looks like it’s walking doesn’t it a ghostly figure can be seen appearing at a  table inside the wedding venue he walks over  

To the dance floor before walking back to where  it appeared rachelmog uploaded this video on the   2nd of january this year tick-tock viewers  have been left amazed by this upload what do   you think is this a ghost car on camera or  something else you be the judge the spirit

The next scary ghost video comes from  the japanese ghost hunter channel   suda chan where he ventures out to  conduct a paranormal investigation   inside an abandoned and supposedly haunted  house located deep in the woods suda-chan   decides to wait until nightfall to start his  investigation and well maybe he shouldn’t have

An object can be seen swinging mysteriously  all by itself and what’s even creepier is that   the same object wasn’t moving seconds before  suda-chan decides to head back into his tent   but leaves a static camera in one of  the rooms our bangs are then heard  

A white figure appears behind the glass  of the door pseudo-chan claims that this   footage is real and his viewers believe it too  but as always the decision is yours peekaboo the next creepy clip is by the indian ghost  hunter simply sarath when he explores an  

Abandoned building located miles out in a  remote part of india in the video sarath and   his group explored the abandoned house where  they had taps bangs and other strange sounds   throughout their exploration however  whilst they’re investigating the house   one of their static night vision cameras or  something rather creepy lurking in the darkness

Capture on the team’s night vision camera a creepy  white looking thing can be seen peeking his head   out from around the door before slowly ducking  away simply sarah swears this video is 100 real  

But what do you think is simply saraf and his team  capture a ghost on camera let me know the entity the next gary video was captured by a man named  ruben alanis reuben’s home is apparently haunted   by a dark entity and has previously shown  footage of the terror that he had witnessed  

I featured the clip of ruben’s terrifying  encounter with the dark entity in a previous   episode a few months back and if you haven’t  already seen it i definitely recommend checking   it out in this clip you’re about to see ruby  mentions he’s returned to the room where he saw  

The dark entity i kept the door to the room locked  shut however late one night while ruben’s family   were asleep reuben began hearing strange noises  coming from the room he didn’t dare to enter a figure with long dark hair can be  seen staring directly at reuben from  

Inside his closet the figure makes harry  sounds before he slowly moves out of sight   reuben approaches with caution but the figure is  nowhere to be seen so did room and alanis capture   the dark entity that supposedly haunts his home  on camera tell me your thoughts in the comments  

Who is that the next clip is one i found  on tick tock it has been shared before   however it’s too creepy for me to just  leave out tit dot user lea anderson189   uploaded the following creepy footage on the  21st of may this year when she and her baby  

Boy hayden went through a car wash baby hayden  slept right through the loud noisy car wash   and leah thought it was crazy you could do that  so she whipped out her phone and decided to   film him however when she watched the footage  back she was shocked by what she had recorded

Creepy looking face can be seen behind leah’s  baby boy this upload has understandably left   leo creeped out and tick-tock users have been left  horrified by just who or what this is but what do  

You think of this creepy video is it real or fake  as always it’s a call ghost of the saddlehorn bar   this next creepy video was shared a few years  back and was uploaded to the channel scuba steve  

The original video was taken at the saddle horn  bar in phoenix arizona shown on tv by abc 15 news   the saddle horn bar was built in the early 1900s  and since then at least three people are known  

To have died in the bar however many more are  believed to have passed away there the owners   of the bar insist that the bar is haunted by  the spirits of these three people who had died  

And one night after the bar was closed a security  camera captured a little girl playing in the bar   and what’s even creepier is that the owner  believes the little girl passed away more than   80 years ago when it gets quiet when everything’s  quiet and everything starts to settle yeah it  

Gets kind of creepy oh does this video creep  you out the owner of the saddlehorn bar says   you’re looking at ghosts calling in an expert  to investigate and employees have actually quit   because of the sightings only on abc 15  steve koosh shares their stories with us  

Things that can’t be explained in the last 100  years at saddle horn bar at least two people were   shot and killed and a young girl fell to her death  it was so intense jimmy olagis is convinced his  

Security cameras caught that little girl playing  at his bar after was closed for the night but she   died more than 80 years ago employees come in they  work and once something happens they don’t want to   work anymore we wanted to see if we could capture  any evidence of paranormal activity or maybe  

Debunk the activity that’s been reported sonoran  paranormal investigations brings their high-tech   year to dozens of supposedly haunted places like  saddlehorn we’ll try to seek out things like this   mysterious shadow recorded just a couple of weeks  ago no one can say for sure just what it is only  

That it was gone by morning employees are also  feeling things too and we both saw a hand reach   up and grab my left shoulder we both turn around  to look and there’s no one there captured on the  

Saddle horn bars security cameras what looks like  a ghostly apparition of a little girl is caught   on camera then later in the video a shadowy figure  can be seen before it disappears and hasn’t been   seen since the owners of many visitors to the  bar have reported mysterious things happening  

To them but is the saddle horn bar haunted as many  people claim tell me what you think the figure this scary video has been shared before video  you’re about to see was live streamed on the   chinese ghost hunter channel supernatural a  couple of years ago and supernatural explores  

An abandoned school late at night from what  she captured on camera terrified her viewers a pair of glowing eyes can be seen in the  room at the end of the corridor supernatural   doesn’t notice it and continues provoking the  evil that supposedly resides in the school  

Then out of nowhere she’s pulled backwards down  the hallway supernatural tries to leave the school   however as she’s making her way out dark figure  with a pale face can we see standing at the   end one of the school corridors it stands  motionless for a few seconds or dropping to  

The floor now i have no idea if this video is real  or not so as always it’s your call real or fake this mysterious video was uploaded in 2018  to the youtube account flying or lucha and   shows something strange happening inside his  nan’s home loud bangs can often be heard which  

Aren’t by him or his nan and chilling groaning  sounds have been heard on numerous occasions   both flying horlucher and his now have witnessed  several inexplicable things happening around the   home but he claims that nothing is ever  out of the ordinary however on new year’s  

Eve as they were about to leave the house  for a party something strange happened hmm you don’t really see anything what the hell was that geez i just moved it just dying jesus christ but you can see it’s just like

You can see there’s nothing on it god  it must be heavy to be able to move that how scary god the hell what’s that santa fell it fell from there what did it break nothing  nothing’s broken it just fell from there it was it was literally there

I don’t want to put it back in case it drops again it was just up there and it  literally fell oh shut up she don’t believe me man did you see that what the card just  fell what card that one that one there

Across on the stairway wall moves all by itself  then allow bang is heard from another part of   the house the cross moves again flying hollooch  jumps back he shows us that nothing is attached   to the cross then moves into the living room  when all of a sudden the santa claus falls  

Off the shelf then a card mysteriously falls  off its shelf somehow on its own all the while   his nan doesn’t seem to be phased by any  of it probably because activity like this   happens on such a regular basis but is this  video real or fake well that’s up to you  

Wake up this next creepy video was uploaded in  2019 and it’s pretty creepy video was taken on   an indoor home security camera by parents  who were concerned for their child’s safety   apparently while the couple were sleeping in bed  they’d hear their baby crying and when they’d  

Wake up they see that the baby was in places  he couldn’t get to by himself and would always   be crying hysterically these incidents happened  for several nights in a row so the father of the  

Family set up a camera to monitor the baby’s nap  time and what he caught made his blood turn cold while the parents are sleeping the poor  baby is pulled off the bed and onto   the floor the baby can be seen  trying to crawl away but something  

We can’t see is pulling him back by his leg all  the while the parents don’t react or ever wake up   almost as if whatever is pulling the child  away is also keeping them asleep whether this   watching you can watch more scary creepy videos  by clicking on any of these videos shown on the  

Screen you can also follow me on instagram  mindjunkietv or over on tiktok at mindjunkie

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