8 SCARY GHOST Videos Accidentally Caught On Camera

by johnsmith

8 scary ghost videos caught  on camera The Apparition this first ghost video comes from  TikTokk uploaded by lost soul in a   bowl lost soul in a bowl claims  that their ring camera caught a   quote ghost but as always I’ll roll the  clip and you can make up your own mind   Something white is caught on camera as it slowly  approaches the house the mysterious white blob   of mist appears from the left side of the screen  before it floats all the way to the right hovering  

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Get your hands on surfshark today by clicking the  link in the description The Haunting of flat 7.   the next set of creepy videos that I put together  come from the Tiktok account flat 7 ghost flat 7   ghost apparently has been experiencing terrifying  Paranormal Activity inside his apartment for  

Months one day the activity got so bad that he  decided to document it and this is what he caught the door can be heard rattling over and over flat  seven goes closer and the door can still be heard  

Rattling but when he opens it up there’s nobody  on the other side then a loud sound startles him   he spins around and notices two of the heavy  chairs have all of a sudden mysteriously moved  

To the center of the room and if you look  here we can see that prior to Flat 7 opening   the door the chairs were neatly tucked under  the table but this wouldn’t be the last time   something frightening happens it’s like it’s  still happening honestly this is all the time

Whoa Jesus cat scared to tell me Rory you were really scaring the [ __ ] about me I know Rory didn’t do that what the [ __ ] happened Rory ah as flat seven is trying to work the  door can be heard rattling again he  

Puts his hand on the handle and the  rattling suddenly stops however when   he lets go the rattling begins again flat  7 opens the door but again no one’s on the   other side then a noise frightens him he  spins around and the cat’s toy tunnel has  

Mysteriously moved from the floor and is  now on the sofa but it doesn’t stop there   all right so I’m just in the toilet and  as you can hear the doors were adding so I feel quite trapped but I’m  gonna open it and see what happens

That would help if I actually  unlocked the door wouldn’t it was that you I couldn’t have been you oh [ __ ] off as flat seven is in  his bathroom this time the bathroom   door rattles over and over again he  opens it up and finds his cat outside  

Confused he looks around then the sound of  footsteps can be heard running towards him   frustrated and annoyed that something is  haunting his home flat 7 sets up a static   infrared camera and leaves it running and it  didn’t take long for it to capture something

Captured on flat 7’s infrared camera placed in  his living room a kitchen drawer mysteriously   opens all on its own the pair notice it and  are understandably confused on another night a   whisk bizarrely jumps out of a holder and crashes  onto the floor the cat jumps up to check what’s  

Happened then several orbs can be seen floating  around flat 7’s kitchen in another clip a chair   strangely moves out from under the table somehow  by itself tiktok viewers were left creeped out by   these videos uploaded by flat 7 ghost with many  agreeing that his apartment is most definitely  

Haunted but what do you think did flat 7 ghost  capture evidence of Real Paranormal Activity   in his flat let me know your thoughts on this  one if you’re a fan of scary videos make sure   you subscribe and hit the Bell icon so you don’t  miss any future uploads the kelverton hatch bunker  

This next ghost video comes from one of my  favorite ghost hunting channels ghostech   paranormal investigations the Ghost Hunters  conduct a paranormal investigation and recorded   the following footage from their visit to the  huge kelveden hatch nuclear bunker kelveden  

Hatch nuclear bunker was constructed back in  1951 as a base for the UK Central operations in   the event of a nuclear attack Jeff explains that  visitors and staff of the kelveden hatch nuclear   bunker have witnessed full-bodied apparitions  of RAF officers wondering the different levels  

Of the bunker apparently during the construction  of the bunker workers uncovered and disturbed a   graveyard Jeff also mentions that there were many  deaths of workers during the bunker’s construction   ghostech paranormal investigations set up their  equipment and captured this on camera we’re the  

Only people in this bunker we’ve secured the Bomb  Blast doors no one can gain here it’s just us   so any sounds any noises that we’re that we  actually hear will be coming from inside this  

Bunker the walls are 10 feet thick with reinforced  steel as I say it’s built for a nuclear attack um   no noise from the outside can  contaminate anything that we’ve recorded now I’m not sure if you were here when this place  was being constructed but there  

Was a gentleman that was called Ronald horn a  civil engineer he was the project manager here do you remember Ronald horn I’ve spoken to Ronald   died not so long ago what was  that did you hear that voice Phil

I’ve spoken to Ronald died not so long ago  what was that did you hear that voice Phil I’ve spoken to Ronald what was that did you hear that voice Phil I heard that loud and clear while attempting to  make contact with the spirits Jeff mentions the  

Project manager of the bunker a man named  Ronald horne then out of nowhere a voice   can clearly be heard saying died not so long ago  and the Ghost Hunters become shocked after that   surprising moment the team decided to move to  another area of the bunker but weirdly one of  

The doors won’t open as if something is forcing  it closed from the other side the Ghost Hunters   ask politely to leave and then suddenly the  door opens easily then later in the video the   team decided to use their SLS kinect camera in the  bunker’s government Department area and amazingly  

They capture something very creepy oh my God  it’s so [ __ ] working look on the computer and it’s quite incredible oh my God that is crazy my name’s Jeff what’s your name I’ve come to speak to you I don’t know which side  

Of here he’s right if you’re if you walk  about another foot the way you were going oh that my right arm is really tingling  you’re touching him now I’m getting static   it’s going all the way through my arm there’s a there’s static here is that  

I mean if you were to step half a  step forwards I’d be hitting the table   well yeah yeah I’ve got that’s where it is  I’ve got static going all through my arm is he not turned no it’s not typing at the moment

Because you’re not all all of my head  this tingling and all this arm as well   everything’s tingling now I can feel it  it’s complete static going through my body captured on ghostech paranormal investigations  SLS connect camera a mysterious figure can be  

Seen the figure appears to be working on  one of the old government computers Jeff   approaches it and when he holds out his  hand in the area where the figure can   be seen he begins to feel static running  through his body then later in the video  

The ghost hunters decide to bed down for the  night on separate floors of the bunker and as   they’re getting ready for bed one of their  static night vision cameras catches this As   Phil climbs into bed someone or something can be  seen moving at rapid speed past the door window   and Phil has no idea something is only a few feet  away from him ghostech paranormal investigations   say that they were alone during this Ghost Hunt at  the Kelveden hatch bunker so the question is who  

Is this and who is this did Ghostech paranormal  investigations capture real ghost footage on   camera in this historic bunker let me know down  below the Caterham ghost this next ghost video   was uploaded to the YouTube channel Vincent Le  Rishi Vincent claims that while driving on the  

A22 Caterham bypass in Caterham Surrey he  caught a quote ghost on his cars dash cam did you catch it on the left side of the  screen a mysterious figure can be seen now   I must admit it’s quite hard to see but  if we enhance the brightness of the video  

We can definitely see some sort of figure in  the headlights just off the side of the road   apparently the a22 Caterham bypass is known to  be extremely haunted and many commenters on this   video claim to have witnessed this quote ghost  many times over the years local residents have  

Even given it the nickname the Caterham ghost  but what do you think did Vincent capture the   infamous Caterham ghost on his cars dash  cam let me know what you think The Walker I found the following creepy image on Facebook  it was uploaded by Tyreasha Smith apparently  

Her partner Wesley broke down next to a creepy  Cemetery in New Hampshire with no one around   and broken down next to a cemetery Wesley felt a  little bit creeped out he decided to snap a photo   of his location and caught something rather creepy  captured in a photo by Tyreasha’s partner Wesley  

We can see a cemetery at night with a pedestrian  crossing the road but if you look closely you’ll   see that’s no ordinary person an enhanced version  of the image shows the person walking is actually   transparent the mysterious figure captured in  this photo also appears to be dressed in outdated  

Clothing Facebook users have been left divided on  this photo with many leaning towards it being a   quote ghost however some argue that it’s caused  by low light on the newer iPhones but Tyreasha   is adamant one else was around at the time her  husband took this photo so what do you think is  

This a ghost caught on camera is Tyreasha and her  husband claim you tell me the Dunkirk lighthouse   this next creepy clip was uploaded to the ghost  hunting YouTube channel paranormal soul’s the   Ghost Hunters venture out to conduct a paranormal  investigation at the dunkirk lighthouse located  

In New York USA the team start out by calling  out to any spirits that may reside in the old   lighthouse and within minutes something decides to  show itself we can have a conversation if you like as the Paranormal Souls team are attempting  to communicate with any spirits in the old  

Lighthouse unaware to them their night vision  camera caught a strange faint orb moving into   view from the right side of the screen  it slowly crosses in front of one of the   investigators before it disappears never  to be seen again this fascinating capture  

Amazed paranormal souls viewers but was it  a ghostly orb or something else the spirit this next ghost video was captured by a visitor  to the infamous Winchester Mystery House the   Winchester Mystery House has a very very haunted  past construction began in 1886 under the guidance  

Of owner Sarah Winchester Sarah sadly lost her  only child to disease and later lost her husband   to what his death meant she’d inherited a huge  fortune from his company Winchester repeating   arms Sarah was told by a medium that she was  cursed by all the people who had passed away  

Thanks to her husband’s company and the  only way that she could avoid this curse   was to build a house if she stops building  she would succumb to the curse construction   on the unplanned house continued for 36 years  and it is said to be haunted by more than 1  

000 ghosts ghost tours of the house and estate  are open daily to everyone and as you can probably   guess with over a thousand ghosts and dozens  of daily visitors to the house taking photos   and videos someone must have caught something  right Reddit user resident science 525 claims  

That while visiting the Winchester Mystery House  he caught something rather difficult to explain captured on camera something white appears the  white mist-like thing which sort of resembles   a human figure slowly floats into view of the  camera before it disappears into thin air resident  

Science 525 says that there were no windows no air  vents in the hallway and no reflective surfaces   and that he uploaded this video to the subreddit  ghosts in search of answers the post quickly   gained traction with many redditors stating that  this is very likely a ghost based on their visits  

And experiences at the Winchester Mystery House  but what do you think is this one of the thousands   of ghosts at the infamous Winchester Mystery House  drop a comment below with your thoughts The Entity the final ghost video for today comes from  the Italian ghost hunting channel p-i-t the  

Paranormal investigation team believe they may  have accidentally awoken a demonic presence   in their home rewind a couple of weeks the  paranormal investigation team were invited to   investigate a house that the owner suspected  was haunted the Ghost Hunters spent six days   inside the house with cameras recording  24 7 and unsurprisingly caught some pretty  

Interesting evidence after six days the team  decided to review the footage they’d caught Simone analyzes the footage but halfway through  while inspecting one of their captures an old   camera on his desk begins to emit some sort  of interference with their equipment the Ghost  

Hunters become creeped out by this as the old  camera is apparently no longer functional Paolo   and Debbie decide to dig deeper into what could  have caused the camera to fire up they open the   camera and some sort of white smoke can be  seen seeping out the pair suspect that the  

Camera could be the reason strange things have  been occurring in their home over the past few   weeks and they decide to investigate further they  use a bunch of equipment including a Spirit Box   device to try and communicate with whatever is  haunting them they begin to hear strange noises  

Coming from another part of their house they  go to investigate and capture this on camera As Paulo and Debbie step out of the room  a low growling noise like what Debbie say   sounds like an angry cat can be heard but  when Paulo turns to check there’s nothing  

There the pair make their way downstairs but  no one’s there either Debbie is worried the   noises might have come from burglars and that  they can’t see a thing so she wants to turn   the lights on so they can at least see a little  bit but Paulo thinks the demon is more likely to  

Communicate with them in the dark so the lights  stay off and Paolo uses the night vision camera   as their only source of light they decide to  place a K2 meter on the stairs in an attempt   to communicate with whatever is haunting  their home and then this happens foreign

While the pair are discussing the situation their  rempod device triggers but when they look their   cat Merlin is right next to it they wonder if  Merlin was the one who set it off or if he could   possibly see something they can’t but then when  Paulo turns around a mysterious cloud of smoke can  

Be seen on Paulo’s night vision camera hovering  right next to Debbie before it slowly vanishes out   of sight Debbie surrounded by absolute darkness  can’t see a thing only the tiny red dot on the end   of Paulo’s camera terrified she demands they turn  the lights on and stop their investigation P.I.T’s  

Viewers were horrified by this mysterious smoke  surrounding Debbie with many viewers saying that   they need to get their house blessed immediately  but what do you think happened here is the   mysterious smoke the demonic entity that  the paranormal investigation team suspect  

Is haunting their home you tell me thank you so  much for watching today’s video if you’re a fan   of scary content make sure you check out either  of these two videos here also don’t forget to   check out surfshark by clicking the link in the  description and if you enjoyed this video please  

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