5 Urban Exploration Videos GONE WRONG

by johnsmith

Five scary urban exploration videos number five explorers stalked by ghosts the unsuspecting explorers were walking around inside the house recording their exploration when someone or something decided to stalk them The video footage you can clearly see someone peeking at them from around the door was this a ghost or just a camera shy homeless person stalking them to see what they were up to number four ritualistic signs in an abandoned building while observing this building from the outside

The explorers could see a strange light turning on and off at regular intervals but they were not frightened by them and decided it was time to enter the abandoned building and explore it further on the inside [Applause] i’m really and it’s for the relieved person we thought he was gonna be living

But luckily it does not look like that’s the case this bathroom [Applause] nice you should get out of here i don’t like you guys okay [Applause] number three scary creature in the tunnel normally these tunnels from previous explorations this group of explorers did not expect to find anything strange in the tunnel

All right let’s just go down myself this is the next tunnel here focus your life dude isn’t that your bad lucas Hit the bell go go uh oh oh my gosh oh nope i’m not going there first and last number two abandoned factory exploration when this explorer checked out an abandoned factory he did not expect to find what was recorded on this video as it is with urban explorers

This one also ignored the signs and fences that tried to keep him away even the strange sounds he heard from inside the building that was proof he was not alone did not stop him from going in is that blood no way that’s like either like red paint or like

I don’t know what that is i have a feeling that’s like red paint i don’t think like blood’s consistent what’s up i’m hearing like these weird noises guys did you hear that despite the scary noises the explorer continued to explore further into the building ignoring the fact that he might not be

Alone it’s been like the welded shut that’s nice Okay that is not a coincidence what the hell was that hello hello the brave explorer decided that it looked safe enough to spend the night in this abandoned factory to get enough footage okay guys uh i’ve been walking around here for a while right now it is night time

I’m trying to figure out where i want to sleep at least like put my stuff in for the night um i’m thinking like this room is going to be pretty good because like there’s carpet floors [Applause] okay this place is pretty [ __ ] creepy guys at night like before there was like

Birds and stuff so look at that guys it’s kind of creepy being here by myself is a little like makes it a little worse let’s go through here holy crap and early in my head check this out crap there’s like a guys passing by Okay yeah like there’s like an entrance over here too like if i really needed to like leave things it’s like a window right there i don’t know if you can see it all right let’s turn it back so there’s this room over here i think it’s over here

It’s like on this side somewhere what the [ __ ] what the [ __ ] you Who the hell are you oh my god i’m what’s that so oh before we move on to number one we’d appreciate it if you smash that like button subscribe to our channel and hit that bell icon to be notified when we release a new video number one

Strange people in a tunnel what seemed like an ordinary tunnel turned out to become a scary experience for these urban explorers who got more than they bargained for when they first entered the tunnels everything seemed normal and there was ample light to explore by and get decent footage as well but then

The light suddenly go out and it became dark the explorers became agitated and excited then it got worse as if they were frightened by something they saw the one carrying the camera dropped to the ground looks like the group of explorers were trying to hide from something approaching from the far

Side of the tunnel while they were on the ground the camera kept on recording suddenly a group of strange figures came into view they looked like humanoid figures but had no light with them as if they could see clearly in the dark these were five scary urban exploration videos

We found for you so you can see what they found when treading through the darkness leave a comment and tell us what you think and whether you were also an urban explorer

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