5 SCARY Videos That’ll Really CREEP You OUT [UNSEEN]

by johnsmith

The top five scary videos attacked the first scary video in this  episode of top 5 scary videos   is a video that’s been circulating on facebook the video you’re about to see  was uploaded by peru influencer   la china nicol and what follows  is incredibly disturbing

Nichol and her boyfriend juan k sykes had  been experiencing paranormal phenomena   inside their home for a very long time objects would move and shadow figures  have been seen inside their home however the worst was yet to come couple had recently celebrated  nicol becoming pregnant and  

Were both over the moon as any couple would be however happy times for juan   and nicol was sadly about to come to  an end in the most shocking of ways A   sheet   is pulled   violently off their bed and into the bathroom juan then approaches the bathroom  with caution and then something  

Forcefully slams him against the wall seconds later nicol is then  slammed against the wall with force juan rushes to her safety and flees  the bedroom with her in his arms their indoor cctv camera still recording  shows the curtain move on its own and reveals  

What looks like two slanted glowing  eyes peering in through the window then the mirror and cupboard in the bedroom  begin to violently shake all on their own we   then see the couple coming down the stairs before  a couple of paintings fly off the wall and a chair  

Is knocked over then the tv crashes to the floor  all the while the couple are fearing for their   lives while trying to get the door open whoever  is haunting them decides to do one final thing   and throw a cushion in yeah the attack happened  around the 16th of february sadly nicole is still  

In intensive care struggling to recover the tragic  ending to this video is that the couple were   rushed to the emergency department and doctors  did everything they could sadly were unsuccessful haunted the next scary video comes from the youtube  channel full gunner and what follows is rather  

Creepy eric gunner claims his house is  haunted by something malicious and evil   and has uploaded numerous videos of paranormal  activity happening around his home i featured   eric a couple of times on this channel where  he heard strange noises coming from his kitchen  

But when he approached it a terrifying face  with glowing eyes could be seen peeking out   and just staring at him that video was creepy  alright however this next video was sure   to give you nightmares one night while  eric is relaxing at his home playing some  

Video games he begins hearing noises  coming from another part of his house papa spread a dark figure can be seen through the glass  standing motionless eric is terrified has   he seen this happen before the last time  he confronted it things just got worse  

So instead he hides in his bedroom until whatever  it is goes away eventually the figure disappears   however around the 13-minute mark eric starts  hearing noises again and decides to take a look most particularly   foreign ladies hola a horrifying face can be seen peeking out  and staring directly at eric terrified by  

This he flees inside his room shuts the door but  then the door mysteriously opens all on his own   what do you guys think is eric on his home haunted  by something sinister or is it all fake as always  

It’s your call if you’re enjoying this episode  so far all i ask is that you please like this   video and comment something below to help get this  video out doing so will help more people see it  

And it allows me to keep bringing you guys  more free content that you don’t have to pay   for unlike netflix please smash that like  button and drop a comment below the gin this creepy video was uploaded to youtube by the  arabic ghost hunter ahmad sally i’m adventures  

Out to investigate a haunted house and encounter  something rather creepy first part of the video   shows armada wandering around the house trying  to communicate with whatever supposedly haunts it   he hears of bangs knocks and noises  coming from various parts of the house   however six minutes into the  video he puts his camera down  

And leaves it filming and what he  captures on camera is pretty creepy foreign a dark figure of what looks like a child can  be seen peeking out from behind a door frame   and ducking away several times now i  don’t know if this video is real or fake  

So as always i’ll leave it up to you guys to  decide behind you this next creepy video comes   from the channel projecto paranormal where they  visit an abandoned ghost town in the gwen titan   ravine located in a mountainous region in  the state of gelasco mexico the ghost town  

Is known to have many supernatural phenomena  there have been dozens of witness accounts   of people who exercise in the area hearing voices  and seeing ghostly apparitions around this part   of the ravine right to paranormal decide to  find out if these tales are true or false  

They descend down the ravine and around eight  minutes in they arrive at the ghost town they   spend some time investigating one of the abandoned  houses and this is where things get creepy okay outside someone or something with long dark  hair and a pale face can be seen peeking  

His head out from behind a wall inside  the abandoned house before disappearing   out of view the cameraman spots it and  they rush inside but no one’s there   creepy before we move on to number one if you  love watching scary videos just as much as my  

Current subscribers do you should join them  by subscribing to my channel i release scary   videos every single week and if scary videos  are your thing make sure you subscribe right   now and hit the notification bell to be notified  as soon as i upload a new scary video the figure

I just had to include this scary video in  this week’s episode of top 5 scary videos   final video for this episode comes from  the youtube channel true horror stories pov   and it’s one to give you nightmares the video  you’re about to see isn’t real and like i’ve  

Explained in previous episodes where i featured  this channel the videos are basically short   horror films performed by actors however they are  based on real stories without spoiling too much   of the video for you a woman has been haunted  by something evil for a couple of days on the  

First night clothes would inexplicably fall off  their hangers something appeared in her wardrobe   she then suffered sleep paralysis where a shadowy  figure could be seen at the end of her bed but   she was unable to move or scream for help on the  second night shadowy figures would appear behind  

The glass of the bathroom door or when she’d  go to check no one’s ever there now the clip   you’re about to see is taken from the third  night and well all i’m going to say is enjoy uh huh uh

The woman returns home and hears creepy bones  coming from her living room when she pants the   camera towards the area figure can be seen just  standing there shocked by this she turns the   light on and the figure has vanished however  whenever she turns the light off the figure  

Appears again this happens several times until  she rapidly turns the lights off and the figure   gets closer with every blink of the light then all  of a sudden the figure heavily appears around the   wall the woman turns around to switch the light  on then when she turns back around the figure  

Appears right in front of her creepy thanks so  much for watching you can watch more scary creepy   videos by clicking on any of these videos shown  on the screen you can also follow me on instagram   junkie tv or over on tick tock at mindjunkie you

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