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The top five scary videos the mutant the first scary video for today comes from the youtube channel vlad reznov and what follows is rather disturbing vlad reznov and a group of urban explorers visit an abandoned village located in the chernobyl exclusion zone which if you’re not aware suffered a nuclear disaster in 1986.

Chernobyl once home to over 100 000 people has been mostly evacuated however many stories have been told of terrifying mutant-like figures wandering the nearby woods but that’s not all they need to worry about security around the area is tight and you need special clearance or be part of

The tour to enter the area anyone caught trespassing will face serious consequences when he spent the day in the chernobyl zone vlad and his group decide it’s time to leave they venture through the chernobyl woods at night in search of an abandoned house to spend the night in

After walking for some time they eventually reach the house which is completely run down and abandoned they decide to rest for the night however lad is then woken to sounds as if something is lurking outside here m Foreign Foreign foreign Vlad spots someone or something lurking in the trees outside the abandoned property and flees to his friends as you can see in the video as vladi’s waking up his friend he thinks he’s trying to play a prank on him and doesn’t take it seriously but he agrees to investigate

They don’t see anything and vlad’s friend becomes angry that he was woken up for no reason and they decide to go back to sleep however after a while they’re woken again by sounds of something creeping around outside and this time they all go up to jack foreign foreign um

Is vlad and his group are trying to find the source of the sounds you can hear the sounds get louder and then all of a sudden something or someone appears at the window causing vlad to jump away in total fear the face then vanishes like it was never there

So what do you guys think did flad and his team capture one of the so-called mutants that lurks the forest of chernobyl or maybe it’s something paranormal let me know what you think down in the comments the haunting of ricardo mb the next scary video comes from the

Instagram and tick tock account ricardo mb ricardo has apparently been haunted by something evil for some time and he has managed to capture some really creepy footage that he has uploaded to his instagram and tick tock accounts in this series of video clips i put together we get to see what ricardo

Claims has been haunting him and i must say he’s pretty creepy way So okay is So so as ricardo was trying to sleep he senses something watching him and when he flips the camera around we see a face slowly duck away behind a doorway then as ricardo’s lying in bed he hears something coming from the ceiling above and as he looks up through a hole in the

Ceiling someone or something appears to be on the floor upstairs ricardo goes to check but the coaster looks clear however when ricardo turns the camera around a dark figure can be seen behind a glass window slowly disappearing out of view if you’re enjoying this episode so far

All i ask is that you please like this video and comment something below to help get this video out doing so will help more people see it and it allows me to keep bringing you guys more free content that you don’t have to pay for unlike netflix

Please smash that like button and drop a comment below the stalker this next creepy video comes from the youtube channel male mystery the video is short and there’s not much to say other than mel is out for an evening walk through the woods near to her home

As she does on any normal night and manages to capture something creepy on camera murderer is walking down a wooded path someone or something peeks out from behind a tree before ducking away viewers have mixed feelings on this video with some saying it’s fake and others saying it’s real but

As always i’ll leave it up to you guys to decide the ghost of rizal high school the series of photos i found on the internet taken at the rizal high school in the philippines someone who looks out of place can be seen in the photos unbeknown to the students at the

Time a few girls at rizal high school in the philippines were left absolutely terrified after seeing a mysterious black figure standing behind them at the back of their classroom the girls swear no one else was in the classroom with them at the time this photo was taken

In this photo taken at the same school on the same day we can see a similar mysterious shadowy figure stood behind the group of school children and in this photo if you look to the left a dark figure of what looks like a girl can be seen standing amongst the students

Apparently the girl in these photos died a day before these were taken creepy before we move on to number one if you love watching scary videos just as much as my current subscribers do you should join them by subscribing to my channel i release scary videos every single week

And if scary videos are your thing make sure you subscribe right now and hit the notification bell to be notified as soon as i upload a new scary video Run this next scary video has been shared before the video you’re about to see was uploaded to youtube by the user lightroad one two the video is only a few seconds long and it’s not paranormal however it is pretty terrifying white road claims he spotted a quote

Sasquatch bigger near to where he goes to school obviously freaked out by this he told his teachers friends and parents but no one believed him frustrated that no one was taking him seriously iro decided the only way to make people believe his story was that

He would have to go back and get proof of what he saw and well maybe he shouldn’t have dude what is that oh my gosh help oh my gosh my road and his friend spot something in the darkness then out of nowhere a figure can be seen charging out of the

Bushes towards light road causing him to scream for help and flee in terror You

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