5 SCARY VIDEOS Of Ghosts Caught On Camera

by johnsmith

Five ghosts caught on camera number five invisible shopper this happened in a supermarket in mexico in the town of tijuana when shoppers got scared by someone or something in the kanthru aisle first you can see some strange distortions appearing on the video moving up and down the aisle

Then some cans fall to the floor the thing is that someone could not be seen number four ghost in the pantry this whole video was shared on youtube around 10 years ago about a ghost appearing behind a pantry door it’s still pretty spooky and exciting Okay it’s 12 34 september 19th nothing so far um no oh my god oh my god go go go go go oh my god oh my god dude the hell is that oh [ __ ] oh my god oh my god go go go go go go i don’t know that’s crazy

In the footage you can see the hands pressing against the glass and then the face of a person looking through the glass door at first glance you might think this is a prank of someone trying to scare the person with the door open you can clearly see that there is no

Space for a person to fit at all number three ghost in the parking lot this footage is from a cctv camera in a japanese car park where you can see cars driving past and the appearance of a ghostly figure this may seem like just a person standing there but the next vehicle

Coming out of parking just drives through it that is not normal at all number two it attacks take a look at this video showing how the dark ghostly image pushes the person against the wall as you can see in the video a man walks down a hallway

Not suspecting anything to happen to him what happens when he turns the corner is something nobody wants to experience could this be a vengeful spirit we wanted to get even with the person before we move on to number one we’d appreciate it if you smash that like button subscribe to our channel

And hit that bell icon to be notified when we release a new video number one nanny cam ghost it is quite scary to take a look at the camera in your baby’s room and find a suspicious figure walking around in the footage this is what happened to heather

And joshua from highland in march 2019 in the video you can clearly see the figure walking in the background and the baby even got up to look at the figure what is even worse is that the woman claims the ghost has scratched her baby and it attacked her as well

After they saw the footage of the person in the baby’s room they also found out that the original owner committed suicide inside the house could the ghost be that of the owner who allegedly committed suicide and is it really haunting the new occupants these are five terrifying ghost caught

On camera that may give you the shivers you

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