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Five mysterious creatures caught on camera number five the strange tales creature on friday the 11th of march 2011 in northeast japan a witness was making a video of the tsunami that struck a part of the japanese coast in this footage a strange tale creature was spotted going from the water and disappearing

Into a nearby attic there are still many unknown creatures in the sea we are not even aware of i may not recognize when we see them and since we still don’t know of thousands of species of sea animals this creature might just be real number four it came from the sea

Dead unknown animals may occasionally find their way to our world from the sea that was the case with this animal that washed up from the sea to scare many people on the beach nobody knew what type of creature it was some say it is a type of unknown shark

But these ugly looking thorns are growing from the creature’s neck a closer look at the video shows that he has quite thick skin that looks more like that of a crocodile or an alligator Number three the dolphin-like creature with the face of a dolphin but no eyes this creature baffled people when it was found on the beach in mexico according to locals none of them have seen a creature like this before they believe the sea creatures living in the thousand mile deep area of

The sea do not need eyes to see media from the area also confirmed that the creature was found and that nobody could identify the species as of yet they also did not mention that it was fake or some type of hoax that was played on the locals

Looking closely at the animal it also seems like it could have been an underdeveloped dolphin that was born like that but it may also be just another sea species we do not know about number two caged human-like creature okay so i’m in this really crappy zoo and on national romania

They got this really weird creature this looks like some sort of deformed human i’m going to try to use Foreign Before we move on to number one we’d appreciate it if you smash that like button subscribe to our channel and hit that bell icon to be notified when we release a new video number one monster from the ocean during hurricane irma in miami saw made a video of the damage

Caused by this monster of nature little did they know that there will also be another type of monster present in this devastating hurricane it did not expect the person who recorded the video said they could also at some stage hear the sound of a giant roaring monster there were many sounds

Coming from all over but this roaring sound could be clearly heard over the sirens and sounds of the hurricane then suddenly the monster appeared as if it came from the water and moved to the left side of the video these are some very scary and mysterious creatures that were caught

Unexpectedly on camera let us know in the comments what you think don’t forget to like and subscribe for more videos just like this You

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