5 SCARY GHOST Videos That’ll Make You SCREAM!

by johnsmith

Top five scary videos in the window the first video for today comes from the japanese ghost hunter channel japanese horror entertainment omagataki film the paranormal investigators return to an abandoned hotel they call the love hotel that they had previously investigated six months prior to recording this video

The team set out on a second adventure to the abandoned hotel to investigate a quote mysterious phenomenon and capture this on camera As the teamer are outside explaining what happened during their previous visit they film the building from the outside and unaware to them at the time a dark shadowy

Figure can be seen peeking out in an upstairs window before slowly ducking away sometime later as the team are filming in an upstairs room a face of someone can be seen staring right at the cameraman and when he pans the camera back there’s no one there

The team didn’t notice any of these incidents at the time of recording and it was only when they came to edit the video did they realize what they had just captured but the question is did these japanese ghost hunters capture a ghost on camera or is it all fake

Let me know your thoughts down in the comments who is that this next video comes from the youtube channel metrosoft the video was recorded by a national news station at the enrique rebsamen school in mexico which had collapsed after a 7.1 magnitude earthquake in 2017

The tremor left hundreds of people dead and caused serious damage across central mexico dozens of students and teachers at the enrique rebsamen school sadly lost their lives in this tragic incident and the owner of the school was jailed for 31 years for culpable homicide

Rescuers searched day and night for survivors at the school while the world watched on through news coverage and several witnesses thought they could see someone or something amongst the rubble what looks like a ghostly apparition of someone can be seen on camera

The cameraman sees it and even zooms in on the figure but the rescuers don’t notice it now i have no idea if this is a person, something paranormal or perhaps just a distortion due to the grainy footage so as always the decision is yours

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For unlike netflix so please smash that like button and drop a comment below did you see it i found this next video on facebook uploaded by nergal prado to the group terror letente 1.0 the video was uploaded on the 20th of august 2021 and was filmed inside a hospital somewhere in mexico city

It’s not the best quality however it is pretty creepy from what i can gather from the little information provided by the original uploader who received the video from his wife’s friend apparently a young girl sadly lost her life due to kidney failure in the area and has

Been spotted wandering the hospital halls quite frequently in the video which i’ve had to mute for copyright reasons a security guard patrols the hospital after one of the alarms was set off the security guard patrols the hospital and for a brief moment we can see what looks like

A figure dressed in white just standing there in a doorway the security guard doesn’t notice it and when he pans the camera back the figure has vanished so what do you guys think is this the spirit of the young girl who passed away as always it’s your call peek-a-boo

This next creepy video has been shared before however it’s one that really caught my attention dave from the youtube channel paranormal explorers uploaded this video back in august 2020 when he visited a creepy old graveyard at night armed only with his night vision camera alone or so he thought

I’m going to come have a look let’s see what it’s like i think there’s some old graves here from 1800s war church so i’m going to go and have a look around stay till its dark as always all right guys let’s do this let’s jump into the night vision and get this investigation

Started jesus i’ve got pure bad vibes in here at this point i thought i seen someone pop the head around the grave As dave films the graveyard with his night vision camera he mentions he’s feeling a bad vibe about the place

He decides to press on through the graveyard but becomes spooked and immediately stops in his tracks then a face of someone can be seen peeking out from behind a gravestone before quickly ducking away creepy before we move on to number one if you love watching scary videos just as much as my current

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The final video for today comes from the youtube channel true horror stories pov and if you’re a regular viewer of my channel you know exactly what’s coming but for those of you who don’t let me explain

The video you’re about to see isn’t real however it is based on a true story and performed by actors and if you’re a fan of scary videos you’re in for a treat in this particular video which is the second video in episode 10 of their real or not series

A woman makes her way home after an evening jog when she stops for a rest and finds someone’s wallet she pockets the wallet to return to the owner in the morning and heads home and this is where things get creepy hello oh

A woman falls asleep on the sofa but is awoken by a dark shadowy figure sitting on the stairs in front of her but her vision is blurry she picks up her glasses and then the figure appears right in front of her

You can watch the full series of real or not and many other scary videos just like this thanks so much for watching you can watch more scary creepy videos by clicking on any of these videos shown on the screen you can also follow me on Instagram @mindjunkietv or over on tiktok @mindjunkie

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