5 SCARY GHOST Videos That’ll Leave You Thinking All Night

by johnsmith

Top 5 scary videos behind you first gary ghost video for today is a video i  found on facebook the video was recorded inside   a bank located somewhere in latin america  apparently the bank is haunted by a young  

Girl who has been regularly seen by customers  and staff who work in the building in the video   the manager of the bank can be seen  debriefing the bank staff long after   the bank has closed when one of the  staff members called this on-camera

A child size figure can be seen  moving quickly in the background   man holding the camera spots it  mentions he saw a young girl run by   the manager doesn’t believe it when  he goes to check there’s no one there  

So this is a ghost caught on camera tell me what  you think in the comments below the haunting this next video comes from tick tock user  dino nuggets 741 and it’s pretty creepy   i featured dino nuggets a couple of times  before and those clips were really creepy  

However in these set of clips  that i put together dino nuggets   encounters something even more  terrifying inside his haunted home of course joke i’m leaving the house man you’re done yes me if you can i’m leaving man have a doubt now what the [ __ ] do you want uh hmm

I don’t know it says a glass breakdown in the  basement and decides to head down to investigate   he tries to flip the light on but it doesn’t work  and the sound of glass breaking can be heard again  

The lights still don’t work but daryl nuggets  gathers the courage to take a look he checks   out the basement but no one’s there however  objects are thrown at him and he flees the   basement he checks his footage back and what he  found his blood turned cold while he was down in  

The basement mysterious dark shadowy figure was  caught on camera at the time of the recording   the dark shadow we figure was nowhere to be seen  and it was only after dino nuggets enhanced this   image did he realize what he had caught this  next clip shows dino nuggets relaxing in his  

Living room when he’s disturbed by bangs and the  sound of running water coming from his bathroom again showers buy my water bills 600 bucks a month good i’m standing right here i don’t know what you want me to  do bro see nothing in here man

Nothing time to move there’s daryl nuggets who’s  looking around his bathroom tap mysteriously turns   on behind him but when he’s turning it off if  you look in the mirror shadowy figure can be   seen moving quickly in the mirror dino nuggets and  scopes out the rest of his house but finds no one  

And in this next clip dino nuggets is awoken  by loud bangs coming from his basement again again hello hello hello oh yes approached his basement with caution when all  of a sudden his light goes out he backs out of  

Going downstairs and instead decides to return  to where he was resting however when he peeks   around the corner the creepy dark figure can be  seen just standing there in his living room so   what do you think is dino nuggets his home  really haunted or is it all just for views  

Let me know what you think there’s something down  there these next set of creepy clips come from   tick-tock user ashley kettering ashley claims  her house is haunted and has uploaded a couple   of videos to tick-tock as she’s captured on her  indoor home security cams late one night while  

She was asleep your indoor security camera caught  someone or something appear on the basement stairs something appears at the top of  the basement stairs but what is it   ashley was creeped out by this capture and  decided to move the camera to the top of the  

Stairs pointing directly to the basement  what she caught shivers down her spine something can be seen moving from wall to  wall at the bottom of the basement stairs   then in another video a mysterious figure  with glowing eyes appears for a brief moment  

At the bottom of the steps or banishing out  of sight ashley then moves the camera to   the basement to record any activity  this time she keeps the lights on something white can be seen  appearing out of nowhere   before disappearing through a wall ashley  claims that all these captures are 100  

Real however the ticktock viewers have  questioned the authenticity one viewer   claimed that this white figure was created by a  projector so ashley created a video in response   it was a projector see this is like a  bookshelf right here and this is the wall see how it would turn

So what do you think is ashley’s home  haunted as she claims or is it all fake   as always it’s your call  ghost of green castle indiana   this next ghost video is probably one of the most  compelling pieces of footage ever caught it was  

Uploaded several years ago and is a true story  the video is about the story of a man named guy   winters who captured what he calls the ghost of  green castle indiana and i must say the footage  

He captured and the story behind it does indeed  seem legit but i’ll roll the clip and you can   make up your own mind oh and i’d just like to  point out that the music in the video is part  

Of the original clip the deepest memory i  have i can recall being about six years old   one day we was watching tv and this woman comes  out of the wall and floated across the room   you know as a kid sitting on a couch and  we all just looked at each other like

Many years later some friends  of mine said they just got back   from going spooking at this old  house in green castle indiana   and this one guy told me something came out  of the wall adam that frightened him so bad  

And i was so intrigued i went and grabbed  all my cameras and i said let’s go we went to the house way out on a country road in  the middle of nowhere there’s no glass in this old  

House it never even been wired for electricity or  plumbing ever it’s three bricks thick walls it was   built in about 1834. there was this really creepy  tree hedge around it and the lightning storms   started moving in god almost felt like a monster  movie the flashes were so brilliant they were like  

Welders arcs i remember walking up to the house  and i knew i could get away with going upstairs the other guys wouldn’t go  upstairs got too creepy for him when i got up there i shot a few pictures of  the bedroom there was nothing on the walls not  

A single thing on the walls when i walked back  through get out of there the camera panned around   the room again and there’s all this writing  appeared on the wall in a matter of seconds while we were in the house i felt something  

Hear that heartbeat it was indescribable i never  felt it before in my life and i hear a heartbeat you hear it it’s as if the presence of a woman a  big woman come up and just wrap her arms around  

You and this thing hugged me then all of a sudden  i felt it just melt into me i could never describe   what being possessed would feel like until that  moment i knew then that whatever it was had me

I felt my heartbeat i put my hand down i had  the camcorder going and i thought it wasn’t   my heartbeat this thing was a different time and  tremendous strength and i panicked then i ran out  

Of the house my friends were looking at me like  you know they were afraid and they said there was   this pink look like a pink flesh like glowing out  of my head and we all got out of there and right  

As we walked away terry had shot one last picture  and that’s where the gold ghost in the bay window the next day i got the pictures out  and when i opened them up i looked at   what we had and i was like oh my god

Three poses in upstairs window  another one at the back door   a golden picture in the bay window a  flyby on video camera and night vision and we caught it on film flew  right by me and he came up and  

Literally just i felt it when it touched me and  i turned and looked i was like what was that   you know i never is electromagnetic presence big sack of electricity snapped  and popped when it went by   had no weight felt my next  question was who is this

The first head that flew by i had still framed it  and as it went by me it looked me over it looked   right back and went by and looked back at me and  made a face so pretty compelling right guy winter  

Stands by a story of what happened inside the  haunted house and he is adamant that this photo of   the quote gold ghost in this window the pink ghost  this window the white mist that floats by him are  

All undeniable proof of the paranormal but what do  you think is guy winter’s his story true and are   these captures genuine as he claims tell me your  thoughts in the comments section the sleepwalker this next creepy video has been shared before  however i thought i’d include it for those of  

You who haven’t seen it yet video you’re  about to see comes from the thai youtube   channel haunted before bed and shows some rather  creepy footage caught on our home security cameras the man can be seen in a day state he walks  over to his sleeping friend and stands over  

Him eerily staring at him while he sleeps  then later in the video the mankind sitting   up in bed before turning around bizarrely man  can then be seen sleepwalking into the dining   room and then out of nowhere he raises his  arm and he stretches towards a bottle before  

Retracting back to its normal length then  the man gets back into bed and then arm can   be seen reaching up towards his friend from  under bed but whose is it now i am in no way   saying that this video is real as well it probably  isn’t but nonetheless it’s definitely super creepy

Watch more scary creepy videos by clicking  on any of these videos shown on the screen   you can also follow me on instagram at  mindjunkietv or over on tiktok at mindjunkie

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