5 SCARY GHOST Videos That’ll Keep You Awake

by johnsmith

Top five scary videos peek-a-boo first video in this episode of top five  scary videos is a video i found on reddit   the video you’re about to see was uploaded to  the subreddit ghosts and has left reddit users  

Spooked and creeped out video which is only  32 seconds long was filmed late at night by a   security guard somewhere in mexico the uploader  states that the reason he started filming was   because he regularly hears bone-chilling  noises wanted to film it for evidence

His head out from behind a wall before  quickly ducking away the security guard   runs to where the figure’s head was  seen and as he pans down the wall   figures vanished the security guard swears  that this video is 100 real but what are  

Your thoughts on this video is it feel or fake  drop a comment with your thoughts santa muerte this next creepy video was uploaded to tick-tock  by elizabeth watson aka bakerina apparently   elizabeth and her friends were on vacation in  salzburg austria one evening they decided to all  

Go out for a drink at a bar called o’malley’s the  group of friends were having a great time and one   of the friends alison was snapping pictures of her  friends however what the group of friends didn’t  

Realize until they got back home in the u.s was  that alison had caught someone else in one of the   photos i always show this photo around halloween  time because it still totally freaks me out but   about 10 years ago i was studying at the salzburg  international ballet academy in salzburg austria  

You can see me here right here and um one night  after a long week of dancing some friends and i   all went out to this bar called o’malley’s in  downtown salzburg if you ever find yourself in   salzburg definitely look it up it’s awesome  anyways we’re here at o’malley’s and we’re  

Having a good time and everything’s  fine and alison here in the middle was   taking photos throughout the night and nothing of  consequence happened she took a bunch of pictures   we all went back home to the states about a  month later and she finally uploaded the photos  

And she uploaded this photo right here and  you can see me i’m being sort of a downer   over here for whatever reason but alison’s dancing  in the background and you can see behind her   this figure and it has a face guys like it has  a face captured on camera by alison a mysterious  

Ethereal looking figure seen in one of the  photographs figure looks as if it’s floating   and if we zoom in we can see it does indeed have  a face elizabeth and her friends have been left   petrified by this picture and when she uploaded it  to her titok account many users have pointed out  

That it looks like santa huette for those of  you who don’t know santa muerte is spanish or   our lady of the holy death and is widely known  as mexico’s death saint female deity is said to   appear as a female skeletal figure wearing a dress  and a long hooded cloak sometimes holding a scythe  

And a globe in her hands roughly 20 million people  believe in santa muerte mostly in mexico central   america the us and canada i don’t know about  you but the figure shown in this photo does   look as if his face is skeletal but whether it’s  real or fake that’s your decision real or fake

This video is one that i found over  on tick tock uploaded by user wah woh   eng there’s very little information  about this video but what i can make   out is that a man is walking home late  at night when he gets a creepy surprise

Face of someone or something glowing eyes can  be seen peeking its head out from behind a wall   retreats the opposite way tic  toc users are going wild in the   comments on this one with many leading  towards real which way are you leaning  

Real or fake tell me your decision  in the comments section what was that this next video is a video i found on youtube  it’s not the best quality however it has left   myself and many viewers wondering what the  [ __ ] was that the video was taken somewhere  

In athens georgia and it’s titled take a  ride through the sewer that’s exactly what   this video is about however while filming the  video something strange is caught on camera person filming can be seen riding  through a tunnel and out of nowhere  

A white hand which looks kind of webbed like  an amphibian appears to rise out of the water   attempts to grab the person filming the uploader  of the video has stated that they have no idea   what this could be and that they’re still  investigating the footage the witch’s house

This next video comes from the paranormal  investigator channel signs and signals where   they investigate an abandoned house nicknamed  the witch’s house ellen day from the signs   and signals youtube channel ventured deeper  and deeper into a dark forest in the middle  

Of nowhere eventually the pair reached  the witch’s house for the first part of   the video perry spoiled a house which is  falling apart and unsafe in certain areas   at around 17 minutes into the video capture  this on camera are you kids trapped here says [ __ ] she what

Us hurt us are you not human hey are you not from here awesome that was  weird that was very i’ve never heard that before what was that what was that hey hey dale   something’s up there is that that bird that  sounds like a like a scrape can the bird do that  

I don’t think a bird can make a scraping sound  unless it hit something in its slid i don’t know hello dude you’re right there too it’s pitch black up there i  don’t want to go back up there   anything up there no there’s nothing  there’s nothing up there i saw

I don’t say this is creep creek of  the house don’t know about that dude ask was it them me did you make a sound upstairs  trying to get our attention   i heard like bewitched or something witch i said yes i’ve never heard that before either why did you do that to them children

You didn’t get away with it we know what you did something all right it was claimed that  you danced with the devil is that true i know for sure that wasn’t the bird dale hello i mean this place is really old but damn else

You don’t think something could  be falling from the roof do you   i don’t think i need that i don’t sound like  something dropping to be honest i was like we are way too far from civilization to even  try to mess with something like this man   let’s just finish this up

I don’t even care anymore dude i’m i’m  just so freaking tired i really don’t   even care at this point i ain’t running if  anything happens there i know oh my god oh i can’t live like that man hurry up please

It sounded like it was from over there was it was  it the toilet was the toilet already like that is there anything on the  floor up here in the hallway it sounded like it was from over here it’s the cradle it’s the cradle  what the cradle’s flipped  

It’s flipped over the cradle’s flipped over what the [ __ ] dude i don’t think that they could just fall over  like that though look at the other rooms what was that are you serious man  yeah isn’t that cradle [ __ ] huge   yeah it is big that’s why it’s such a big boom

Dude that is crazy whatever flipped over  is it’s gonna still be over there come on dude i’m hearing some crazy outside dude i don’t know what’s safer to stay in here  leave i’m just gonna peek in there for a second so pretty good there’s nothing up here dude

All right this thing is heavy  duty too can you flip it back over oh my god it weighs a ton there’s no way this just fell over dude i mean they could have how did it look like a  normal crib just sitting here no no okay okay

Enough of that there’s the bird right  there too yeah there’s a bird right   there and there’s a bird down here dude i’m  just trying i’m so tired dude i’m so tired   it’s like that thing couldn’t i don’t know  what it looked like when he was up there  

Could’ve been leaning up against something  no it definitely wasn’t laying on anything i gotta make this long all the way back home wait what’s that oh my god oh my god go there  go go go go go go it’s dave and dell using the  

Necrophonic phone app to try and communicate  with whatever supposedly haunts the so-called   witch’s house loud sound that came from upstairs  startles them both then not long after a louder   sound is heard coming from upstairs again which  freaks the pair out even more they call out hello  

But get no reply then an incredibly loud bang  is heard frighteningly already terrified pair   to death del convinces dave to go  and take a look upstairs somehow   something is flipped the cradle over when dave  takes a look around upstairs and inside the  

Room where the crate will crash to the floor  there’s no one there then is there inspecting   a strange looking object on the floor loud bang  is heard from upstairs and then out of nowhere   sound of footsteps charging towards them and a  horrifying scream is heard causing damon dell to  

Flee the house in terror however at the time the  footsteps and screams were heard right near them   no one could be seen what makes this video  even creepier is that earlier on in the video   dave had already scouted the whole of the upstairs  didn’t find anyone so the deciding signals team  

Capture paranormal activity at the witch’s  house was it just a homeless person living   much for watching you can watch more scary creepy  videos by clicking on any of these videos shown on   the screen you can also follow me on instagram  mindjunkietv or over on tick tock at mindjunkie

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