5 SCARY GHOST Videos That’ll Blow Your Mind

by johnsmith

Top five scary videos haunted the first video for today comes from the channel  really haunted and it’s pretty creepy the video   you’re about to see was uploaded on the 29th of  may 2022 and it’s titled wtf is that thing in my  

Haunted house and well having watched the video  several times i still have no idea lee runs the   channel really haunted and has uploaded countless  videos of compelling footage he’s captured inside   his quote really haunted home i featured lee a  few times in the past and many of you are familiar  

With his channel but for those of you who don’t  know let me explain lee and his family have been   terrorized by a dark entity named vlad for quite  some time objects have mysteriously moved without   any explanation, his wife was violently dragged  from her bed and shadowy figures have been seen  

Inside lee’s home regularly. Recently the activity  in lee’s home has increased and lee has captured   it all on his sls camera. The sls camera is  also known as a structured light sensor camera   which is a rig of tools consisting of the xbox  kinect motion sensor camera. Ghost hunters and  

Paranormal enthusiasts use the sls camera to  detect and record spirit forms and the camera   will then display these forms on the screen  as stick figures. In a previous episode lee   called the dark entity that haunts his home a  coward and was violently pushed over with force  

However in the clip you’re about to see  even more activity is caught on camera taking form and growing in size then an incredibly  bright light shines outside his back door and a   dark shadowy-like thing can be seen just standing  there oceanless the light then goes out and the  

Shadowy figure vanishes then the back door  to lee’s home opens and the shadowy figure   still remains exactly where it was and then the  light goes out however the shadow has now moved   from the blinds and can now be seen in front  of a curtain before disappearing completely.  

Lee debunks the theory that it couldn’t have  been a light outside his back door as the only   light that they have out there is a garden light  which wouldn’t emit such a bright light seen in  

The footage. Later in the video lee can be seen  scrolling through his phone in bed, a giant figure   displayed as a green stick figure by the sls  camera shows up, wanders around the room for a   bit and then leaves. Two more figures appear…  this time in purple and red. First they seem to  

Just stand there behind him and lee is completely  unaware he’s being watched then the purple one   seems to point at lee and the red one creepily  and silently moves towards him before violently   smacking lee’s phone out of his hand hitting him  right in the face. After watching the footage back  

Lee is now thinking that these hauntings could  be more alien-like but what do you think? Is this   something paranormal or something extraterrestrial  drop a comment below with your thoughts the entities the next scary video in today’s episode  comes from the channel lainey and ben  

And it’s another creepy one similar to really  haunted lainey and ben are another family haunted   by something supposedly otherworldly. Their  youtube channel contains dozens of uploads of   captures of strange mysterious things happening in  and around their haunted home and if you’re a fan  

Of the paranormal I definitely recommend heading  over to their channel and checking them out.   In this particular video you’re about  to see uploaded on the 1st of june 2022   inspired after seeing the compelling evidence  Lee from really haunted had court Ben sets up a  

Static sls camera and heads upstairs, he leaves  it running and this is what he got on camera right so i’ve just got the camera set up as you  can see um so this is what it should look like  

If and hopefully when something walks in its  way it will mask it and map it just like this   um i’m keeping the lighting quite dull because  i’ve seen on really haunted’s videos that’s  

Kind of the vibe he goes for and i’m not not i’m  copying but just that like you know it works for   him so it might work for us i’ve got the camera  set up in the kitchen as well i think i’ve already  

Shown you that so that’s if there’s any activity  in there but from what i’ve gathered you can see   pretty much the whole living room here you can  see through into the kitchen as well and if  

There’s anything caught in the kitchen then it’ll  be picked up by the uh by the camera through there   so yeah that’s the plan uh yeah but i’m going to  leave it now i’m going to head through actually  

I might move this over this way just a little  bit so you can kind of see the doorway as well   yeah that’s better there we  go i’m going to head through   and uh yeah we’ll see what happens oh the time  is about half past nine so i’m going to come  

Down around half 10 11 o’clock just to retrieve  the camera and see what’s happened see in a bit captured on the sls camera a figure can be seen  appearing on the couple’s living room table the   figure then walks around before disappearing out  of view only to appear again it continues to walk  

Around heading into the kitchen but the kitchen  camera that’s recording doesn’t capture anyone or   anything. The figure could only be seen on the  sls camera in the living room then just under   an hour after the camera started recording  with figure is caught again wandering around  

The couple’s living room a few moments later a  second figure appears and walks right through   the other one before disappearing completely  now this does make you think since the figures   caught on the sls camera are invisible to both the  normal camera and the naked eye are we actually  

Really alone or are we surrounded by anomalies  we can’t see or understand tell me what you think peekaboo the next creepy video you’re about to see  was uploaded in 2019 to the arabic ghost   hunter channel hasan bar bar the creepy video was  livestreamed to hasan’s followers on his social  

Media where he visits an abandoned building  and called someone or something on camera a   figure can be seen peeking it’s head  out from around the wall before quickly   ducking away hasan spots it and charges towards it  when he gets there the figure has vanished creepy in the window

This next creepy video comes from the ghost  hunter channel franko tv where he investigates   his supposedly haunted graveyard and an  underground cave nicknamed the death cave   apparently dozens of bodies of native indians  were inside the cave which is located miles  

Out in the middle of nowhere for the first  part of the video frank takes a look around   the graveyard and explores the cave where he  has creepy whispers strange towns however at   around 20 minutes into the video he reaches an  abandoned building and captures this on camera all right i hear coyotes

All right let’s make our way into the building that place looks freaking terrifying the head of someone or something could be seen  inside a window of the abandoned building but   when frank pan’s back just a couple of seconds  later there’s no one in the window frank takes  

A look inside but the place is empty the  time of recording frank didn’t notice   the figure and it was only when his views  commented did he realize what he had caught   on camera so did franco tv capture a shadow  figure on camera or is it a whole fake  

Drop a comment below with your thoughts the lurker the next creepy video comes from the  indian ghost hunter channel simply   sarath where he and his teammates venture out  to conduct a paranormal investigation inside   an abandoned school the group investigate the  school top to bottom but when they’re filming  

School from the outside they capture someone  or something lurking on one of the floors a   dark figure can be seen for a brief  moment moving across one of the upper   floors simply sarath swears this video is  100 real and his commenters believe it too  

But i have no idea if this video is real or not  so as always the decision is ultimately yours of these videos shown on the screen  you can also follow me on instagram   at mindjunkietv or over on tiktok @mindjunkie you

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