5 SCARY GHOST Videos That Will Scare YOU Real Good

by johnsmith

Top five scary videos what is that first video for today was uploaded to the italian  paranormal investigation channel inquieto tv   and it’s pretty creepy the video you’re about to  see was taken by the team inside the dormitory   of an abandoned factory where workers used  to be housed apparently when the factory was  

In use the conditions for the workers were so  bad that the workers decided to rebel he said   that every single one of them mysteriously  disappeared francesca from the inquieto tv   team goes on to explain that story has it  that the tormented souls of these workers  

Still reside inside the abandoned factory for the  first part of the video the team investigate the   abandoned factory however around 14 minutes  into the video they captured this on camera the   inquieto tv team who are using night vision  cameras start to hear noises like footsteps  

Coming somewhere in darkness they all stop and  take a look down the corridor then captured on   camera by one of the ghost hunters a shadow figure  can be seen walking at the end of the corridor   at the time of the investigation the ghost hunters  didn’t notice it and it was only when youtube  

Viewers commented that they realized what they  had managed to catch on camera but the question   is is this a ghost car on camera or something  else tell me what you think this is the shadow this next creepy clip comes from  the urban exploration channel realm  

Explore where they explore an abandoned nursing  home which was originally built as a mansion   in the early 1900s the place is  still in pretty good standing   and the group spent quite some time checking  out the abandoned building before deciding to  

Call it a day but what they didn’t realize is  that they caught something strange on camera every room gets its own fireplace as   the a camera pans to the left down the hallway  a dark shadowy thing can be seen mysteriously  

Disappearing into a wall when the camera pans  back down the same hallway doesn’t happen again   viewers have been left stunned by  this catch what do you think this   shadow could be drop a comment  below with your thoughts jerry this video comes from the paranormal investigation  channel ghost theory and it’s quite compelling  

Ellie and joe from the ghost theory channel set  out to explore an abandoned and supposedly haunted   house located deep in the forest of england  in search of paranormal activity and in the   video you’re about to see it definitely seems  like they did well i was just gonna say so if  

He died it died in the house which we think he  did yeah there’s a really high chance he would   have died in bed and this is the main bedroom  so this is definitely where he would have been it’s a whistle i heard

I heard almost like walking next to me and then  like a whistle is that jerry here is that jerry   cull can you come and touch the flashing  light we have there is is that where you died

Can you take so is is that jerry are we talking to  jerry now did you die on the bed can you take it   all the way up to red just hold that black device  if that’s you yeah wow that’s amazing can you just  

Do it one more time up to red just to confirm  that we are talking to jerry cole right now that brilliant thank you so much that is a  really really amazing stream was it you take   it up to red if that was you downstairs  did you see that are you still with us  

Perfect timing do you know  that you’re no longer here as in in the world of the living  please take it all the way to red if you do not know where you are this is your house

And we come with total respect do you want  us to go take it to red if that’s a yes no take it to red if you want us to stay wants us to stand you can see us i’m trying  to record both of us i’ve got but i want to  

Try and keep the k2 in the i’ve got the  whole thing yeah i need to record youtube okay i’m slightly amazed i need to try  and think of some decent questions here   are you happy where you are  take it to red if that’s a yes

Are you are you completely lost are you  in a world that we will never understand yes like take it up to red to take it up   to red if you really do not understand where you  are and you don’t understand how you got there

Do you partly no are you 50 50 take it to red if  you are confused about stuff but also know stuff but he knows what i meant  wow quite strong too yeah   can you see us please take  it to red if you can see us

Okay please take it to red if you can only hear us like can you just sort of sense our energy  rather than actually know that we’re here   are you like can you even  see this room as you used to

I think that’s a yes he said i think that’s a yes  and then it confirmed to yes again yeah so you can   see everything as it used to yeah yes definitely  wow would you like us to keep investigating

Please confirm if you would like us to keep yeah  wow and just once more one last question you are   happy that we are here please take it to red if  you are happy we’re here to continue with respect yeah

I think it’s like he’s not necessarily on his  own i think from what i’ve gathered right he’s   not on his own but he’s not with the people  he would want to be yeah but nobody here is  

Dangerous like he’s like i’m not on my own but you  don’t need to worry the people and we advance who   i yeah would want to be with like for instance  his wife we know still alive yeah so he’s like  

I’m not here with who i want to be but yeah yeah  confirming confirming strongly so there are more   people here but not who you would just rather  be with someone else yeah you’d rather be alive  

Wow yes yeah that’s that’s the thing i was trying  to get to okay so thank you by the way we’re just   confirming this to people who will be watching  we’ve just been told that there is more than one  

Person here yeah nobody here is is worth worrying  about there’s no one no one evil but that means   it’s potentially haunted by more than one spirit  jesus is amazing for me to even be saying this and  

Six months ago i would have been laughing at the  idea of a ghost yeah so it was quite incredible um did you move that what i haven’t moved anything in  here i haven’t been in here was that like that when you came walking  around that was like this what do you mean  

When i came walking around when you when you  were upstairs when you came walking upstairs   was this like this we were downstairs yeah i have  absolutely no idea we’re gonna have to literally   have a look at the camera so i have no idea  because that was like that when we just walked in

Wasn’t it yeah well there wasn’t like  that earlier and i didn’t   well when i put it this way when i came up here  earlier i did not touch that i literally stood   here and i went like that and walked around  here and came back downstairs all on camera

So i’ve not moved that so this is one of those  situations where you’ll just have to take our   word for it but this is the footage from when  elliot went upstairs to test out the floorboard  

Sounds and you can see when he went into the room  the quilt is flat and then as he’s walking around   the room you can see absolutely nothing change and  then when he leaves it’s still flat down he does  

Not move it and this was the last time that we  went into this room the pair entered the deceased   owner’s bedroom and placed their k2 meter on the  bed where they think the owner had passed away in   the k2 meter is a device ghost hunters used to  detect paranormal activity john earlier asked  

Questions to try and get an understanding of what  happened to the owner and each time the entity   responds immediately by bringing the k2 meter to  red one of the strangest questions is when joe   asks would you rather be alive and the k2 meter  shoots up to its maximum limit we also discover  

That there is more than one spirit residing in  the property which they didn’t expect to find out   then while the pair are upstairs they noticed  one of the corners of the bed cover has been   pulled over the pair swear they didn’t leave the  bed cover like this i feel i should mention that  

Ghost theory is probably one of the most legit  paranormal investigation channels out there and   from what i’ve seen nothing on their channel  is ever faked what’s more is that in the video   joe mentions he used to be a complete skeptic  when it comes to paranormal activity and that  

Six months prior to this video he would have  just laughed off the idea of a ghost but that the   activity he’s just witnessed in the house is quite  incredible what do you think did ghost theory   capture evidence of paranormal activity inside  this house as always it’s your call in the window  

The next creepy video was uploaded by the  use of random dog 47 to the subreddit ghosts   at the beginning of may this year  the video was taken by a group of   girls who visited the heartwood insane  asylum located in a small village near  

The town of schatz in scotland and managed  to capture something creepy lurking inside oh my god oh my god someone or something can be seen peeking his  head out of one of the windows on the upper   floor of the abandoned asylum now we upload  estates and we can see for ourselves that  

The building is sealed shut on the lower  floors and the upper windows are far out   of reach the uploader also mentions  that if someone got inside the upper   floors are non-existent because they’ve  collapsed over time so just who or what  

Is this that appears in the window on the upper  floor well that’s your decision the entity final video in today’s scary list  has been shared before however   i haven’t seen it featured anywhere  recently the creepy video you’re   about to see comes from the japanese ghost  hunter channel clipstore where they visit an  

Old abandoned castle light building located  high up in the mountains of hiroshima japan   tail has it that a dark entity resides in  the building and that the building’s purpose   remains a mystery the clipsal team decided it  would be a good idea to investigate the property  

That they nicknamed the witch’s palace and what  they managed to capture on camera is rather creepy while yusuki is sat alone in one of the upstairs  rooms something we can’t see pulls him back by   his shoulder he runs out of the room screaming  in terror for his two friends yelling to them  

That something had just touched him then as dai  chan was looking downstairs from the third floor   a dark shadowy figure can be seen standing next to  him but what makes this clip even creepier is that   while all of this was happening daichan’s camera  was filming as well and this is what he caught

We   can see in daichan’s point of view  taken on his camera there’s no one   up there with him on yasuki’s camera the  human light shadow can be clearly seen   so did the clip star team capture evidence of the   more scary creepy videos by clicking on  any of these videos shown on the screen  

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