5 SCARY Ghost Videos That Are CREEPY as Hell

by johnsmith

The top five scary videos number five   reflection this video has been shared before  but it’s one that really caught my attention   a few years back this video was uploaded  to the internet which shows a baby   looking into a mirror however something  rather creepy happens in the video take a look so

The baby can be seen staring into  the mirror amazed by his reflection   but when he turns his head the reflection does  something completely different to what the baby is   doing when the baby turns his head there seems to  be a slight delay in the reflections movements but  

It gets even creepier when the baby takes a second  look in the mirror then turns his head back around   baby’s reflection doesn’t move and then the  eyes suddenly turn black creepy number four   the ghost of michael jackson we all know about the  unfortunate death of the legend michael jackson  

However some people believe that he could  still be around or at least his spirit could be   recorded live on the cnn show larry king live  viewers tuning in spotted something or someone   inside michael jackson’s home while  the camera crew were there take a look

Hi larry we’re inside michael jackson’s bedroom  suite with miko brando our tour guide here and   you’re looking at the doors and you can see  the locks on the doors miko uh privacy was   key in this room obviously yeah he left  his privacy when when the doors were open  

You know it was okay but when he locked  he wanted to privacy he had his privacy   this is one of the bathrooms when the camera pans  down the hallway what looks like a shadowy figure  

Can be seen moving across the wall in a room at  the end of the hallway the question is is this   the ghostly spirit of michael jackson or is it  just a shadow of a person walking past one of the  

Lights somewhere in that room as always it’s your  call number three there’s something in your house   in this next clip uploaded to youtube a family  noticed strange things happening in their home   for a while the parents of the family notice  their child will sometimes have conversations  

With someone or something that they could not  see for a while they’d just brush it off as an   imaginary person phase the child was going through  until things started to get rather mysterious   lights would often flicker objects would move  around by themselves and even poltergeist activity  

Such as the family’s stuff would be thrown at them  unexplainably the family obviously puzzled by this   decided to settle cameras around the house to  try and get to the bottom of what was going on in   their family home and just who their child  was talking to and this is what they caught on

Camera just what the child of the family can be seen playing at a  desk in a room when a plastic bowl is moved across   the table then the child can be seen at the table  again when a loud bang is heard startling the  

Child who runs out of the room the same plastic  ball that moved across the table earlier and flips   in the air unexplainably by something we cannot  see more of the child’s toys then move across   the table all by themselves and then the table  itself forcefully bangs loudly shaking everything  

On top of it including the heavy television  next the camera changes to the kitchen where   the child is spelling numbers on the fridge door  when all the letters suddenly move all at once as   if an energy has pulled them when this happens  the child can be heard saying what happened  

Now if i were this family after seeing this  footage i’d move out right away number two   boo in this next clip recorded in a sleepy  countryside town in the south of england   a group of friends decide to explore the local  woods near to where they live these woods are  

Known to be haunted by a demon of some sort  and tales of dog walkers and innocent people   disappearing without a trace are often spoken  of quite frequently a group of friends set out   into the woods at night and well unbeknown  to them they aren’t alone watch closely

Do you remember the camcorder i had  night vision that was [ __ ] epic there’s one in the group for some strange reason  is shouting sierra foxtrot tango delta in the   middle of the creepy haunted woods a creepy  face of something appears right in front of him  

And it’s incredibly eerie to say the least but is  it real or fake as always it’s your call number   one run in this next clip two friends set off on  a hiking adventure through the beautiful mountains   somewhere in eastern europe several hours into  their hike the friends come across a large  

Tree blocking their path wanting to continue with  their hike and with no way around the fallen tree   the friends look for an alternative route darnest  begins to fall and sometime later they come across   a long dark cave and decide to venture through  it now this cave is known as the witch’s cave  

And at night campers and hikers have heard  terrifying screams coming from this exact cave   familiar with the rumors of this cave one of the  friends takes the lead to inspect the cave first   while the other friend waits at the entrance  for the all clear when entering the cave  

The man hears strange bizarre noises coming  from somewhere deep inside the cave’s tunnel   nervous and frightened the man  stops to shine his flashlight   and well white manages to catch on camera  is absolutely terrifying take a look   ah

The face of something or someone can be seen  peeking out at him from deep inside the tunnel   the figure dressed in black with what appears  to be long black hair irreligious stares at the   pair before they flee the tunnel in terror so  did these hikers capture a real witch on camera  

Lurking inside what’s known to the locals as the  witch’s cave or it’s all just fake as always it’s   your call thanks for watching and if you enjoyed  this video please click that like button and  

Subscribe to my channel it’ll really help me out  and if you want to watch the full videos of any   of these clips i’ll leave the links to them down  in the description i’ll see you in the next video you

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