5 SCARY GHOST Videos That Are Circulating The Internet Right NOW

by johnsmith

Top five scary videos what lurks below the first video in today’s episode of top 5 scary  videos comes from the youtube channel urbex hill   urban explorer chris explores abandoned  places that nobody would dare to visit   he’s caught some really creepy footage in  the past so when this video dropped i knew  

It was going to be good and it’s bound to be  shared by other channels as it’s really creepy   in the video chris ventures through more than  10 miles of what he calls a mysterious tunnel   and for the first part of the video he  wanders through the tunnel and at around  

18 minutes into the video he captures  something lurking deep in the tunnel as chris pans down a side tunnel two pairs of  glowing eyes can be seen peeking out from around   the corner several times before quickly ducking  away and what’s really creepy is that when this  

One peeks out its body is transparent chris’s  viewers have been left amazed at this footage   he managed to capture and he is adamant  that it hasn’t been edited in any way   whatsoever but what do you think did  chris film something creepy lurking  

10 miles into this underground tunnel or  is it just cgi let me know what you think did you see it this next creepy video was  uploaded in 2006 to youtube   it’s only a few seconds long and shows  someone filming inside a house they were  

Interested in purchasing but they managed  to capture something rather creepy on camera as the camera pans round a figure can  be seen briefly for a split second   next to an open door now the original uploader  states that the footage is 100 percent real  

And that this wasn’t noticed at the time of  recording the video but what do you think   is this video a ghost caught on camera  drop a comment below with your thoughts if you’re enjoying this episode so far all  i ask is that you please like this video  

And comment something below to  help get this video out doing so   will help more people see it and it allows me to  keep bringing you guys more free content that you   don’t have to pay for unlike netflix so please  smash that like button and drop a comment below your house is haunted

This next video was uploaded to the tiktok account  dude my house is haunted and has left viewers   divided there’s little to say other than the  video was recorded on an indoor cctv camera and   the original uploader states that the following  footage was caught while he was in bed sleeping

The chair moves quickly across the floor not  once not twice but three times however if you   look closely right before the third time the chair  moves a white apparition of someone or something   can be seen next to the chair before disappearing  into thin air the chair then flips out a view of  

The camera and the video ends there so is this a  ghost caught on camera as always it’s your call real or fake this next creepy clip has been shared before  it was uploaded at the end of 2020 to the   tiktok account snayderflores2 and was recorded  somewhere in Ecuador like the previous video  

And with most tiktok videos there isn’t  much to say about them but what’s clear   is that the video was recorded by a father filming  his daughter walking alone in a park or was she as the girl walks past the bush a  figure can be seen moving towards  

Her and then quickly dashes back the other way   father the notices it and spins the camera  but the figure has mysteriously vanished before we move on to number one if you  love watching scary videos just as much   as my current subscribers do you should join  them by subscribing to my channel i release  

Scary videos every single week and if scary  videos are your thing make sure you subscribe   right now and hit the notification bell to be  notified as soon as i upload a new scary video the cabin the final video for this week comes from the  paranormal investigator channel mindseed tv where  

They conduct a paranormal investigation inside a  small cabin located somewhere in a desolate part   of colorado apparently the woman who lives there  called sarah evans claims her cabin is haunted by   the spirit of a small child and has regularly  heard voices and seen unexplainable things  

Happen in and outside of her property when sarah  moved in she was told by the locals that a little   boy used to live in the property but sadly drowned  after falling through the ice the water where the  

Boy drowned is located right by the property and  has a bridge going from one side to the other.   Late one night while sarah was sleeping she was  woken by the sound of children playing outside   at a time when no children should be outside and  temperatures were below freezing. Sarah goes on  

To explain that the next morning when she got  up she found kids toys outside the front door   and now bare in mind this cabin is located miles  away from any neighbours and is in an extremely   remote part of colorado so just what were the  voices sarah heard and who placed these toys  

Outside her house Casey and Colton from the  mindseedtv channel visit the property during   one of the coldest times of the year what they  managed to capture on camera is rather creepy we were both pretty tired so we just  decided to turn in for the night  

But within 15 minutes of laying down  we both heard something very very weird sounds like a song that’s weird dude i’m gonna  we should get the flashlight   that’s weird first it sounded  like a little kid’s voice   but then it kind of sounded a little bit  melodic like like someone was outside singing

Yeah yeah me and casey sat up at the exact  same time and we looked at each other   almost to like confirm that we both  just heard what we thought we heard yeah yeah we hear something that sounds like singing  and you could tell it was coming from outside it sounds like a song

Colton heard it just as clear as i did so  we decided to go downstairs put our shoes on   and see if we can go outside  and capture this audio   that’s weird dude we should  get the flashlight that’s weird that’s creepy bro

When i sat down on the couch to put  my shoes on right next to me was that   window that we saw when we first came in the  cabin but there was something different on it   there was something that i know for a fact  was not there when we arrived at the cabin

Hey what is this no bro casey goes look look look he said look  at all these markings and earlier we had seen   something that looked like dragging or like  maybe a dog’s nose or something moving up and  

Down on it so i kind of like brushed it off real  quick and then he said no there’s handprints and   we looked and they were on the outside of the  glass dude look at this come here real quick  

That’s outside the window look look right  here this i see it these hand prints were   half the size of mine half the size  of colton so is there any more oh bro it’s just eerie to think about because when did  that happen you know didn’t happen before we  

Were there so somewhere between nightfall and  four in the morning those handprints appeared   hey cut the light dude i swear to god i  just saw something run past like outside   something moved what is that  do you see that right there  

Dude what is that oh bro it’s moving it’s  moving what the [ __ ] is that oh oh dude   what the [ __ ] bro i can’t i thought  that was a shadow bro it like disappeared  

Dude i’m feeling all types of weird right now dude  you gotta understand there’s no lights out there   the only thing that we can see is the moonlight  that’s reflecting off of the snow outside   and right in the middle of the bridge we both  see what looks like a almost transparent black  

Figure of some sort just standing in the middle  of the bridge dude i swear to god i just saw   something run past like outside something moved  dude what is that do you see that right there  

Dude what is that there’s just a figure just  staring at us it looked like it was facing us   from on top of the bridge not moving standing  still do you see that right there dude   what is that we don’t know what’s  showing up on the camera his cell  

Phone camera at all we’re just fixated on  it and then it turns around and it bolts dude what is that oh bro it’s moving it’s  moving what the [ __ ] is that oh dude  

When it ran it looked more unnatural than i’ve  seen anything move dude i swear to god i just saw   something run past like outside something moved  dude what is that do you see that right there dude  

What is that oh bro it’s moving it’s moving what  the [ __ ] is that oh dude it almost felt like it   was made out of smoke that’s what it looked  like to me and when it turned and ran away  

It just like vanished it like disappeared dude  i’m feeling all types of weird right now dude As casey and colton are trying to sleep upstairs  in the cabin, singing can be clearly heard coming   from outside then when they go downstairs tiny  hand prints can be seen on the outside of the  

Window which weren’t there when they first checked  out the property then casey notices something move   outside they cut the lights and see what colton  quotes is a transparent black figure of some sort   just standing in the middle of the bridge staring  right at them the figure then quickly disappears  

Out of sight the mindseed tv team claim that  this is what every paranormal team dreams of   capturing but the question is is this video  real or fake well as always it’s your call by clicking on any of these  videos shown on the screen  

You can also follow me on instagram  @mindjunkietv or over on tiktok at @mindjunkie

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