4 SCARY GHOST Videos That’ll Give YOU The CREEPS

by johnsmith

Top five scary videos night shift first video in today’s episode of top  5 scary videos is a video i found on   twitter video was taken in indonesia it shows  a security guard patrolling at school at night   when he started hearing banging sounds coming  somewhere on the school grounds apparently the  

School is said to be haunted and tail has it that  the sounds the security guard is hearing that   curse the security guard whips out his  camera for evidence starts recording there’s a security guard as a toilet you  hear something inside slowly open cubicle  

Door then at the top of the door we can see  what appears to be the head of a dark figure   standing behind the door it’s curious  spots it please terror what do you guys   think is this video real or fake let me  know your thoughts on this video haunted

The next set of clips which i’ve put together  come from the spanish ghost hunter channel full   gunner eric under claims his house is haunted  by something dark and sinister after he and a   friend used a ouija board inside his home  but took their hands off the planchette  

For saying goodbye eric has uploaded dozens  of videos of scary encounters to his channel   which i featured before paranormal activity  seems to occur in the early hours of the morning   usually around witching hour  at a time when eric is sleeping  

Same happens in this video eric is awoken by  strange noise coming somewhere inside his house eric is in bed his bedroom door opens mysteriously  all on his own calls out gets no reply eric is   clearly afraid as the activity is becoming an all  too common thing for him however he bravely goes  

To check he peeks out of his room no one’s there  then as he’s calling out in his hallway the camera   starts to glitch he spins the camera back down  the hallway and a dark figure can be seen standing  

Motionless at the end of the hallway eric flees  to the safety of his room and locks the door a few   minutes later into the video eric takes another  look around his home yes noises coming from around  

His sofa he can’t see what will be making the  noises camera glitches again and as he pans around   figure be seen again stood in his kitchen staring  right at him where he flees to his bedroom again  

And shuts the door however the door again somehow  opens all by itself on another night eric here’s   noises from another part of his home he goes to  investigate but nothing seems out of the ordinary   however as he’s heading back to his bedroom bigger  can be seen again just standing there in his  

Bedroom frightening eric to death in another video  noises disturb eric again he takes a look outside   his bedroom when all of a sudden a figure can be  seen peeking his head out around the corner then  

While eric is taking a look in his living room the  lampshade can be seen swinging from side to side   an all too frequent occurrence then figure  you’ve been seeing on previous nights can   be seen just standing there in the darkness you  can watch more creepy videos just like these over  

On eric’s channel full gunner if you’re enjoying  this episode so far all i ask is that you please   like this video and comment something below to  help get this video out doing so will help more  

People see it and it allows me to keep bringing  you guys more free content that you don’t have   to pay for unlike netflix so please smash that  like button and drop a comment below the pilgrim this next creepy video was taken several years  ago and it’s been shared before video shows a  

Family being interviewed for a documentary  where they explain that while their daughter   was having a horse riding lesson a cobb in  manor road called pilgrim’s way mysterious   figure inexplicably appears background my  daughter who’d recently taken up riding was  

Having a riding lesson at cobham manor on the  north downs in kent and i’d gone up to video it was just a normal lesson i was  riding around on one part of the   sand school my daughter was riding around  with a group of children on the other side  

Nothing strange happened when i got home  i wanted to have a look at the video   see if my riding was as bad as it felt  my husband was away so i put the video on and i was watching the video quite carefully  and at first i was watching myself obviously  

Thinking how appalling i looked  then i saw something quite strange   i phoned home that evening to see if everything  was all right and my wife told me that we’ve got   a ghost on the television i thought she meant a  double image because we’d been having a little  

Bit of trouble with reception when i got back home  it was okay to come and look at this and there on   the screen was this figure um i knew that there  couldn’t have been anybody there i was riding in  

The sun menage literally a couple of meters away  from where the figure appeared to be standing   and i knew there had been nobody there at the  time um the undergrowth is really thick there the   hedging was thick nobody could have stood there  anyway the animals just weren’t reacting at all  

We thought at first it might have been just  a a refraction of light uh in the lens which   might happen with a normal ordinary camera  but i’d been panning across at that point   the light would have moved inside the inside the  lens and it didn’t the horses walked straight  

Past it sometime later we we showed or told  james broomer who owned the stables about it   for many years we’ve had problems with horses  and ponies spooking our top riding arena   generally it happens on the left hand side  of the top arena as they come in they will  

Look over and quite often just spook for unknown  reasons at all a short while afterwards my wife   commented on the fact that it did appear to be in  period costume maybe looking a bit like a pilgrim   and we realized then that the pilgrim’s way ran  across maybe 10-15 yards away from where the  

Figure appeared the pilgrim’s way of course  is the old traditional route running from   london to canterbury that the pilgrims at that  time walked there were no known or certainly   we weren’t aware of any stories regarding ghosts  appearing anywhere around there i don’t believe in  

Ghosts i would just like somebody to explain what  that figure is and what it’s doing on our video got on camera a mysterious looking pale white  figure can be seen standing in the background   set aside the grainy footage figure  does look like it has a pale white  

Face and dark clothing like that of a pilgrim  experts claim this footage is 100 authentic   and this story has even been featured  in books but what do you think is this   evidence of something paranormal let me  know your thoughts on this video encounter

Number two for this week comes from the japanese  ghost hunter channel clip store and from the clip   store team received a letter a few months back  stating that if you really did want to come  

Face to face with a quote ghost you should go to  room 210 of an abandoned hotel at a specific date   and on that night and that night only  he would come face to face with a ghost  

Letter also had the address of the hotel written  at the end and for months gachan ignored the   letter however as the date approached he became  more and more drawn to it kachan decides to visit   the address on the letter at the designated  time alone late at night films everything

Makes his way through a dark forest he  ventures deeper and deeper then at 10   minutes to midnight he hears the sound  of footsteps coming from somewhere in   the darkness a light can be seen accompanied  by the sounds of footsteps gachan is frozen  

In fear now this could just be someone walking  through the forest at night but bear in mind   kachani’s miles into the forest in the middle  of nowhere such as who would be walking nearby   then at 10 minutes past midnight the sound of  walking is heard again and the light can be seen  

Between the trees approaching your channel stays  still for a while and waits for whatever it is   to pass fortunately for gachan it remains unseen  and makes his way through the rest of the forest   and later in the video he reaches the abandoned  building mentioned in the letter he finds room 210  

And takes a look inside but becomes  spooked by something has to hide is hiding the sound of movement doors banging and  footsteps can be heard coming from right outside   the room is hiding in then whoever or whatever  is on the opposite side of the door tries to  

Door knob to the room gachan is in gachan backs  away quietly footsteps are then heard walking   off into the distance gachan then takes a look  outside into the forest he sees the same light   he saw earlier on when he was hiding in the forest  and the sound of footsteps can be heard walking  

Way the coast is clear so gachan leaves the room  you mentioned he’s going to go home as he’s become   too scared he finds the exit but he notices some  stairs leading up to another floor of the building  

He pans the camera up and all looks clear so he  becomes intrigued and attempts to go up still   interested in finding this ghost however  as he starts to climb he pans the camera   back up and a figure can be seen just standing  at the top of the stairs was it gachan to flee  

In terror so is this a ghost as a letter  states or a homeless person living in the   abandoned building or maybe someone wanted  to set gachan up to harm him either way   watch more scary creepy videos by clicking  on any of these videos shown on the screen  

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