30 Pics of ‘My House, Not My Cat’ Moments

by johnsmith

People share the cats that they are not familiar with before but now are in their house on a Facebook group ‘My House, Not My Cat’, and here are 40 of them.

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1. This Is My Garden. These Were Not My Cats. But They Are Now

not my cat

Mamala, the tortie, hung around for years bringing various kittens into the yard to show them off and have a quick meal, then scurry away. We could admire them from afar, but could never touch her. Finally she brought these 4 beauties to us and decided to stay in the yard. One cold snowy winter day, she and the kids walked through our slider into our bedroom and two years later she’s still with us with two of the babies. All are now spayed and neutered. Two found homes elsewhere. After living rough and being almost continuously pregnant for years she’s decided she never wants to go outside again. Never once has she asked to.

2. This Is Loader (Freeloader) He Showed Up One Day. No Chip, No Owner. He Cried And Cried Until We Let Him In. He’s The Bestest Boy

3. Early This Morning… I Hear Crying. I Get Up And Start Looking For My Cat

not my cat

Maybe she fell behind something??? Then… I realize my cat is asleep on the daybed. ??? I open the front door… and this little thing looks up at me. Is this how you get a new cat? I’m 50 and single… is my cat sending out invitations ???

4. My House, Not My Cat. It’s The Cat Of Our Neighbor, She Told Us That The Cat Is Wild And She’s No Longer Welcome In Her House

I feel pretty sad about it, maybe we made her wild but she actually became pretty soft with some patience and care in this house. Oh and she walk around with toys.

5. Two Months Ago A Stray Cat Adopted Us, One Month Ago We Adopted A Dog. This Afternoon A Random Cat Appears At The Back Door, “Hey, Is This Where Everyone’s Getting Fed?”

not my cat

6. Not My House. But That’s My Cat

7. The Red One Isn’t Mine

not my cat

8. My House, Not My Cat

I recently moved to a new house. About a week or so of living here I was coming home from the grocery store so I propped the door open so I could carry in my groceries. As I was heading back outside I noticed a kitty run into my house so I got my last bags and took them to the kitchen quick and went to see where the cat went. I found him like this (the first pic) in my living room. So I gave him some pets and then ended up like this (2nd pic) for the next hour. He’s so sweet. He kept coming over every day to watch tv on my lap and then going to the door to leave when he was ready. He was wearing a collar but it had no tags so I decided to write a little note and attach it to the collar. I asked if he had a home and what his name was. The very next day he returned with a note back saying his name was Finn and his address which was 4 houses down & also a phone number saying to text if I wanted to so I did. We were texting about the cat on and off all day and then we came to realize that we actually knew each other from high school. Which I thought was hilarious. Anyways, I now share custody of Finn and he is just the sweetest boy and I look forward to seeing him every day!

9. So A Month Or So Ago, My Cat Apollo Carried Home A Little Stray Kitten Who Was Definitely Not Ours! We Chalked It Up To A Serendipitous Moment And Welcomed Her Into Our Family

not my cat

10. I Hope This Counts

I rented a house for a few nights, this beautiful cottage in the country. When I woke up the first morning I walked into the kitchen, sun slanting in, open up the door to let the morning in, and I thought to myself “the only thing missing is a cat”.
I turn around and this absolute legend bulldozed around the cottage and then promptly decided to show us who the boss was.

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